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Lack of Catalysts...Again!

I am wondering what is going on with the lack of Catalysts in the game again? It took us all awhile to adjust to the lab changes and at least when GGS was offering up some catalysts for rewards in the events it helped some. Also the Offer to exchange certain types of catalysts for the ones we want or need the most greatly helped! There hasn't been either for awhile and I'm sure I'm not the only one running out of specialized fertilizers etc...will we just have to use regular permanently and take extra long times to level up?? Is the game simply trying to make things even more difficult thinking we need more challenges? Please don't make it harder than it's become...I have seen a lot of really good players leave because it is no longer fun and has gotten too difficult to participate because they can't produce what they need to play! Thank you for listening and please, please consider giving us the catalysts offer and rewards again. 


  • yes this has already been brought up since Autumn festival started.  BUT 0 response

    Where is the catalysts? — Big Farm - Forum (goodgamestudios.com)
  • My lab sits idle. I haven't used it since they introduced catalysts. I get all my special seeds as rewards from events, green theme boxes, and from the nursery. If you want to earn experience faster its much more effective to upgrade Matilda's farm academy.
  • Alaa Ali 1 (INT1)Alaa Ali 1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,126
    Unfortunately, I read in the Polish forum news here that we will not have catalysts at any of the autumn events.

    Anyway, The main problem is that even in normal events before autumn ones we don't get enough catalysts for running it.
    My lab is at level 100, and it's idle most times.

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