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[Discussion) This October Marks Our 9th Anniversary

This is where can discuss This October Marks Our 9th Anniversary




  • AJR (US1)AJR (US1) US1 Posts: 56
    A discussion to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Big Farm? How wonderful 💕

    Happy birthday Big Farm, congratulations on 9 years of amazing fun!
  • maxiroy (US1)maxiroy (US1) US1 Posts: 432
    Wow!  All I can say is time flies.

    Despite the ups and downs of this game.............I still LOVE it!  

    Happy 9 years!

    Designed by FarmerJohn 22 (US1)
  • Heathcliff (INT1)Heathcliff (INT1) INT1 Posts: 115

    Happy 9th Anniversary and Birthday Big Farm

  • Teddy (SKN1)Teddy (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 12

    This is where can discuss This October Marks Our 9th Anniversary

    We all got a message saying that we would get a halloween decoration for free, and that it will be available the first 24hrs after first signing in and that it's available until 4th of November. The last time we got a decoration for free, it was really simple and easy to get it: We only clicked the offer in the left tab and it was clearly marked. I haven't seen one today tho. Will it be available later today or tomorrow?
    Where can I post suggestions to new features in the game? I'm especially thinking about Halloween and thanksgiving related stuff that I think would be cool to have here. Could it be possible to get pumpkin seeds to plant in the fields, to grow pumpkins and later turn them into pumpkin pie in the bakery?

    And #2: What about getting a couple of new decorations, in form of an animated pumpkin or something related to thanksgiving? It would've been super cool, if we could go trick or treat on each others farms too!
    What about building a new building in the coop village where we can all get together for thanksgiving i.e? I'm not a developer so I have 0 idea of how these things work, so I'll leave this to the people who know how this works, but for me, it seems like a cool idea! 
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,230
    edited 18.10.2021
    It has actually been available since the 15th.  It was mentioned in the Mod News Bulletin  HERE

    Did you already collect it?

    If not and you were online then you may have missed the 48 hour window
    If you write to SUPPORT and explain why you missed the offer you may be given it

    We have already reported this as rather unfair

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