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The Cat

When are you guys going to get off your duff's and do something about the Cat ??

It has been 4 years now and still nothing !

It was a good idea, that quickly turned sour when you dropped the ball and did not follow through with the promised upgrades.

I am quickly getting to the point where I will just get rid of the thing as it is taking up valuable real estate that could be used for more productive objects.


  • I did something about the cats ... I demolished them .. hahahahahahaha

    I have one dog left .. demolished the other two - they aren't worth anything
  • ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 902
    We have forwarded the issue of the cat to the team.  The choice is yours to demolish or to keep. :) The nice thing is that if you demolish and then change your mind, you can always build another. :)

  • Considering the myriad of other things that have been forwarded on to the team that we have never heard back any meaningful information, I won't hold my breath. If GGS was upfront and honest with the players, there wouldn't be so much anger and distrust towards the company.

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