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Blind Draw champs

The monotony of champs every week needs to be broken up, and players need to be able to relax at times and not feel they are letting other coop members down if they are not glued to their computer every weekend.

 I was thinking an international blind draw would be fun. 

Players must have more than 1,000,000 RP's (or more) average to be able to participate

They can choose whether or not they want to play in event-countdown like the new global points event.

If they choose to play and qualify they are randomly matched with up to 75 members from all other servers to play coop champs. Every coop would have same number of members equally split close to 75- RP average would be tie breaker for the odds.

Prizes could be top player total, and top coops.

This seems like it would make the game more interesting for those that play on a small server and are bored but also give players the chance to take a break when they will be away.

There are more details like could they sparkle each other internationally, communicate in chat, be in missions with players participating only(from all servers) visit other farms from temp coop.


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