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Storage bug?

I was asked by RosyStarling to post this in the bug reports forum so here it is. Copies of my original posts in the "Is there any point in the nursery any longer?" thread in the general discussions forums. Sorry if this is not the correct way to do this:

Grandpa Squeak (US1) said:

    Heather Norsk (US1) said:

        FarmerTeresa (GB1) said:
        I haven't used the nurseries on Main Farm and Gourmet Farm since they changed the Laboratory. I'm wondering whether there is any point in keeping them now I can grow more special seeds and a lot quicker in the Lab. If I demolished them it would free up space and workers, but I can't help wondering if BF will revamp the nurseries next as they seem pointless at the moment. What do other people think?

    I hope they keep the nurseries as is, I don't find them pointless. There are some that use only nurseries for SS & not the labs at all.
    There are players with tons of fields that now use both buildings to make SS. And some that use them for drop items in events.

    If you don't use them, I don't think it would hurt to demolish it if you have a better use for the space. If they ever are changed, you could always build it again.

You may want to store it rather than demolish it. That way you don't have to pay to build it again if they change it to be more favorable to your strategy in the future.

    Heather Norsk (US1) said:
    @Grandpa Squeak (US1)
    I didn't realize you could store buildings, I thought you could only store decorations. Will you please share how this can be done?

Grandpa Squeak (US1) said:
It may be a bug but the time before last time I moved things around on my farm I accidentally left a level 4 standard chicken coop in the building storage bar of the layout mode when I hit finished (the finished button shouldn't have been lit but it was). It moved the chicken coop into the themed buildings tab of my inventory. It was still level 4 and when I put it back out it took 1/2 the time to build a level 1 chicken coop to put back out on my farm. That was several months ago. I'm visually impaired so it was all a surprise to me how it happened or that it could.
Grandpa Squeak (US1) said:
When I move a single item (I just tested using my laboratory) into the layout bar the finish button is greyed out.

When I move a single deco into the bar but I have multiples of that deco out and I pick up another deco of that type and put it directly on the image of the previous deco in the bar but accidentally double click, the game occasionally (but not always. I can't get it to replicate more than about 25% of the time) makes a phantom copy of that deco's icon in the bar but it doesn't put the 2nd deco in the bar. If you time the double clicks right you can create 2 or even 3 phantom decos that all disappear when you click finished or disappear if you try to place them individually on the farm (the phantom decos don't go into storage. I counted to make sure the last time that happened, if they did I would have reported it.)

I will try to replicate it again but I really don't want to risk it at this moment as I have a couple of long upgrades happening on main farm (24 hours+). I can tell you the exact steps that I took.
1. I opened main farm.
2. I opened layout mode.
3. I clicked store everything.
4. I replaced everything on the farm in the new layout that I wanted. (I grouped every thing so that it was easier for me to see and spaced out some decos so that I wouldn't accidentally click on things that were too close together. I took quite a bit of time and moved things back and forth between the lay out bar and the farm several times because my fine motor control isn't very good for the same reason my vision isn't very good.
5. When I was done placing items the layout bar was empty and the finished button was lit up. Then I clicked the finished button.
6. I noticed that one of my chicken coops was gone at this point and realized that it hadn't been in the layout bar when I clicked finished.
7. I looked through my inventory tabs and found it in the themed buildings tab and put it back on my farm.

I was level 50ish maybe when this happened (about a year ago or so). I didn't yet have any of the community buildings on my farm and I didn't have any themed buildings in the tab at that time and was kind of panicking looking through all the tabs for that coop.

I knew we could store decos. I thought that this was a feature that allowed us to store other buildings. I've won 8 candy coops and a chunky coop since then and I have the chunky coop, 2 of the candy coops, and my 3 standard coops in my chalet. When I got built up a bit more I was going to store the standard coops and replace them with 3 of the candy coops that are in my inventory's themed buildings tab but if this is a bug and not a feature I won't do that.


I have manage to replicate the phantom icon stored bug on Greta's Dream World.

This is a screen shot of the layout mode storage bar. You can see that it shows 4 duck ponds stored, except that I only have 3. If I replace them on the farm the first 3 icons do place but the 4th one that is the phantom disappears when you attempt to place it.

When you click the finished button and check the drop box in the inventory tab, the phantom icons have disappeared and the drop box displays the correct number of decos.


  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,461
    edited 15.07.2021
    it happens to me all the time
     if you double click something,(building or deco) it seems like you have two when really it is only one
    its not a very big deal if you ask me, its been this way a long time now 
    its just take one more click to  make the phantom building disappear

                                                                                                                                  made by farmerjohn22 (US1)
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 2,208
    @Grandpa Squeak (US1)
    Thanks.  :)

    If others encounter this can you please give the steps that caused it ... like Jenny has above


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