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Most AFK Game I've Ever Played

Is it just me or is does this game appear to be designed to make you want to log off?
From what I can gather about my game play experience so far, It appears that the most productive and efficient way to advance in the game is to set up all your game selections to be the longest, most time consuming options available and then log off of the game and go use that AFK time to play more engaging games.
Most of these "micro-transaction" games are fairly liberal with advancement and time shortening awards early in the game. This is to give a player time to get "invested" in their game play experience and, as the player reaches higher levels, THEN the game begins to "tighten up". Not so with Big Farm. Most of the "time to X" in each element of game play is WAY too long based on how most other such games are designed. The time element of this game, especially building construction times, is way out of balance so far.
Even after the game should actually begin to tighten up, it still has to strike a balance between waiting and engagement and the time element involved in construction really makes that difficult. It makes me want to just set things up to happen in the background and then leave the game and come back later... much later.
Frankly, I feel like I could up and quit the game for good at any moment with absolutely no regrets because I find myself constantly wondering if this is worth the incredible amount of time required. The time factor is lowering my enjoyment of the game play experience to the point of not caring about the game.
Goodgame needs to adjust their build and production times downward, at least in the lower levels of the game playing experience, to create a more engaging feel and keep players logged on for longer periods of time. I think that, even though I'm completely and religiously an F2P player, they would even generate more revenue in-game if they did so.
I've seen opinions on here that disagree with mine. Apparently there are gamers out there that simply love to wait (and wait and wait and wait...)


  • maxiroy (US1)maxiroy (US1) US1 Posts: 418
    edited 28.06.2021
    When this game first came out it was just a farming game.  A simple one!  Believe it or not I do like to play this game slowly.  I know that others do prefer a faster game and with all they have going on, it would be nice if they at least allowed for faster build times.   And there are for sure ways they could find a better balance.  This just isn't the simple farming game it use to be.  I understand games have to evolve, but making it too slow means that some will just move on to something else cause it seems impossible.  For us older players it is easier because we have played longer and our farms are already at a higher level.  I think this game is harder for newer players when they start than it was for me.

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  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8,578
      I think this game is harder for newer players when they start than it was for me.
    I don't think I agree with you on this bit. I recently abandoned my level 400+ farm on GB1 and started over on AU1. Now, admittedly, I know what I'm doing this time and chose not to do certain things but the big difference has been cashflow. The first time cash was often tight but this time I got the DSF quite early and have had more dollars than I have ever needed ever since (even upgraded the Farmhouse to lvl 10 !!)


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