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Winners List for the Big Farm Foods Word Search Contest

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Big Farm Foods Word Search Contest

Wow! You all are such amazing and fantastic players and did so very well.  I wish I could award everyone of you 1st place, nonetheless each of you will receive a prize, some in gold and some in seaweed products.  Note: if you participated and you are not listed, please contact me and if you have not received your prize, let me know.  Payout will be Monday. Thanks so much.

1st Place (4000 Gold)
Victory161 (US1)
The Best KIing (INT1)

2nd Place (3000 Gold)
landghe (SKN1)
arundon (IN1)

3rd Place (2000 Gold)
Jenny1979 (GR1)
Bennet Drake (US1)
Scarlet Howl (US1)

4th Place (1000 Gold)
Karadok (PL1)
chami (AU1)
dawnski (US1)
Mountain Splash (US1)
lori KB (US1)

All others will receive each
(1800 Seaweed Fertilizer; 200 Seaweed Humus; 1800 Seaweed Feed; 1800 Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer)
Kris61 (US1)
Heather Norsk (US1)
shy90 (US1)
ronin7 (INT1)
Letty.liongamez (GB1)
antigone6 (US1)
sarah7 ((INT1)
anemari-Lia (RO1)
setxth (US1)
Small Fish (US1)
Blue Denim (US1)

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