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How Booster Board Work!

Blossom (SKN1)Blossom (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 478
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2021 February Update
Hi! :)
The Booster Board is new and may many want to know how it works so I will share my experience :)

You find the Booster Board button in the down-to the left of the screen . If you press on it you come got this window:

For choosing a booster you may press on the pen, after it you come to see this:
You can only choose 5 boosters. Mostly all of the first lvl boosters cost dollars but at the higher lvl of the boosters, all cost gold.

After you had bought a booster at the Booster Board, it will be permanent and come boost your things as high % you had bought. You do not need (as before) to put on them, so they work at themself and give you higher production.

How you unlock the boosters:
If you look in your "presentations" you come to see this:
When you have done progress on some of these missions you can unlock boosters. All missions have their own brands!

If there is something I forgot to say feel free to add :)
Good Luck :wink:
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