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Jan Update - The New Year Update [Discussion]



  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 7,346

    What I would like now, is a clarification on 2 things:
    - is it right that the nurserys will no longer have any purpose ??
    - if so, and water is no longer needed, will GGS then change all rewards and mystery boxes containing water ??

    - you will also NOT need the seeds for growing anymore - so maybe the good idea is for GGS to change the rewards and mystery boxes to give catalyst´s in stead - bacuse this is and will be the great need for most players 
    @"mutterkjær (SKN1)"
    I hope they do not consider those changes quite yet. I hope they still give water and breeding seeds. Until there is a more steady income or possibility of catalysts, many still need the nurseries to make special seeds. Also, lower level players can get nurseries up and running long before they can afford to build and upgrade a lab to make all of them.
  • harden21 (US1)harden21 (US1) US1 Posts: 32
    Im running low on premium materials and my farm is starting to die out. Im running out of everything. This update really scrwed me up. Can yall pls fix this? Its been a while now and ive not gotten a response. Can yall please reconsider??
  • The Worst Update Ever!! 

    Totally agree with the most comments about the farm lab!
    Previously, It was extremely hard and expensive to upgrade the farm lab but It was very useful! 
    Now It’s much cheaper and easy to upgrade but It became really so bad and useless! We need a compromise!!!! We can't at all get enough catalysts for running it! Are GGS really so out of ideas? That's totally insane!

    Also, about the jam factory, No doubt that it gives a lot of dollars but If we can run it!!!! We don't get enough fruit sugar for that! I have 2 jam factories but I have not been able to keep them running well due to the very little amount of fruit sugar that I get! 
    The market hall and ship are always asking for jams now which makes finishing those orders really hard and need a lot of time!!
    It's a huge disappointment for me!

    While i do agree that i would like for the production in the lab to be less limited by catalysts than it is now, i think it is reasonably balanced right now, of course, there's the dollar refund for players who had already bought and upgraded it which should really happen.

    And there's also the premium farm goods which i have to say i agree with their decision mostly to make them a lot harder to produce.

    I think that the lab's much more balanced now, of course, the way gs handled it is pretty bad, as previous suggestions have already said, they could have given us a warning period to a) give us time to adapt and b) allow for the pre-update feedback.

    In terms of the jam factories, @Alaa Ali 1 (INT1)  while i can understand that you're short on fruit sugar, it does add some value to the orchards, especially apples, considering that besides the weekly events, maybe the hwe's and the organic market contracts, apples are not very useful in-game, there's not too much motivation to have lot's of apples/cherries/peaches and i think the dairy and jam factories combined gave a little more deserved use to them :)

  • I mean what about Lester's tree?  Matilda's Farm Academy??  I have worked hard playing and saving farm cash to upgrade the 3 labs I had, now have 1 worthless lab...Lester's tree is level 20, and Matilda's Farm Academy is level 24. That was a lot of clicking, some gold, and a few years of work that they will eventually take away from me. 
    Please don't give them ideas.
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    edited 11.02.2021
    Yeah, been playing for 5 years , but luckily, I'm blessed with a lot of free time on my hands

    Sadly , Big farm is the type of game, that is likely to optimize your stuff , if you spend time on it or money

    And even more, if you care about competitiveness

    Some past-times are much more time-consuming than others 
  • Just Kar (US1)Just Kar (US1) US1 Posts: 340
    Yeah, been playing for 5 years , but luckily, I'm blessed with a lot of free time on my hands

    Sadly , Big farm is the type of game, that is likely to optimize your stuff , if you spend time on it or money

    And even more, if you care about competitiveness

    Some past-times are much more time-consuming than others 
    I totally agree!
  • Ghost rider (GB1)Ghost rider (GB1) GB1 Posts: 294
    I'm not a fan of people who keeps threatening to leave , when things are changing not in way that they like

    And when people are all acting up, its GG fault for making them leave

    Be an adult, and assume the decision that the game is'nt fullfilling your needs or what you are looking for in a game , and take the decision for yourself

    ( There is nothing wrong , if u feel the game doesnt provide you enough satisfaction )

    Everyone is free to choose what game they play after all

    People come and goes , for many different reasons
    lol those are ok it's the ones that threaten they'll do this and that then they actually don't !

    I don't believe for one minute masses are leaving the game, if they were then something would be done sooner to address the situation 

    Bottom line its not really effecting game play in a massive way, yes its a pain but it's not the be all and end all doomsday 
  • Heartland (AU1)Heartland (AU1) AU1 Posts: 192
    Yes we wait in hope!!.. I have already deomished 2 FL's:-((( The only FL I have now is sitting idle most of the time as cats are not plentiful.. And future upgrades to my lab will require Blue Diamonds
  • harden21 (US1)harden21 (US1) US1 Posts: 32
    I really hope they change the farm labs back. I haven't upgraded or even touched any of mine in hopes that they might change it back. Hopefully, things will get changed back fingers crossed lol :smile:
  • There is so much imbalance in the game now that the lab has changed. Not much use in upgrading silo if I have to sell everything at a loss. 
  • bigez (US1)bigez (US1) US1 Posts: 111
    they need to find some thing else to do with the jam it is making us lose to many horseshoes when we load the boat

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