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Jan Update - The New Year Update [Discussion]



  • ALZAKAR (IT1)ALZAKAR (IT1) IT1 Posts: 998
    The scam consists in penalizing the players who have spent to have that particular thing and then the owner of the game takes it away
    3 laboratories, I made blue duck feed, I made algae, with the new modification of GGS I have demoted the laboratory and I can't do the same things I did before.
    moreover with the new laboratory, demoted, I do the same things as the seed pot, practically a duplicate
  • Ghost rider (GB1)Ghost rider (GB1) GB1 Posts: 294
    Right now catalysts are part of the CC/ML rewards as well as doing the first mission of the day and activating a farm machine.
    What is the ML ?
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 484
    And by the way, here came a special flask

  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,174
    Right now catalysts are part of the CC/ML rewards as well as doing the first mission of the day and activating a farm machine.
    What is the ML ?
    Masters league
  • Spurgiukas (INT1)Spurgiukas (INT1) INT1 Posts: 235
    I'm not scientist but still made an experiment. And here is the result. Harvested my apples 3times in a row just for you. have 15 orchads,                                                                                            


    still dont know why I did this,

     but all I can say its a luck how much you will get. more orchads you have, more will get. 
  • ALZAKAR (IT1)ALZAKAR (IT1) IT1 Posts: 998
    I was told that feed for the red and / or blue ducks was on sale this afternoon
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    edited 01.02.2021
    An interesting trick, for those that are focusing on Jam :)

    You can use Seaweed Greenhouse Humus x1 On Ordinary seeds

    It makes Seaweed Greenhouse Humus fairly good in my book now :D

    Well, nevermind

    For Rose hips , it uses 2 

    For Black Berries and Pineapples , it uses 5 

    For Elder Berries , it uses 1

    Still , I had 9.2k Seaweed Greenhouse accumulated, its gonna be useful :)

  • Dvroh (US1)Dvroh (US1) US1 Posts: 17
    Have any of you higher level farmers upgraded the new jam/jelly factory to the max? I'm a lowly 98 level farmer, and have only upgraded it to level three, so can produce, in order, apple, cherry and peach. I'd be curious when I can produce blackberry, and Capt. Barnacle is asking for it. 
  • I have been building and upgrading jam factories 24/7 since reading @Exxy (INT1)'s first post.

    L1 Apple
    L2 Cherry
    L3 Peach
    L4 Pineapple
    L5 Rose Hip
    L6 Blackberry
    L7 Elderberry
    L8 Apricot
    L9 must have just reduced the amount of ingredients as there are only 8 jams, will have to pay attention when the next factory gets this far
  • maxiroy (US1)maxiroy (US1) US1 Posts: 436
    And by the way @Exxy (INT1), thank you for your positive attitude at a time when most players including myself have been very negative  :)

    It is nice to get a few tips for going forward.

    If there are people here that are really affected by this and need to fix their farm up you are welcome to join our co-op.  All our research is done and we don't play the CC or the other stuff unless a person wants to.  Most people just work quietly on their farms.  None of us are interested in being the number 1 co-op etc.

    Only rules I have is no inappropriate chat cause I am sure we have minors and if you want to play anything cc you can't get mad if others don't want to play.  Yes that is how lax we are.

    If you are interested send me a PM and I can send you an invite.  I am on the US1 server.

  • I'm already running out of fruit sugar!! 
    So how many orchards do I need to make the jam?

    Is it just me, or are other Americans disappointed that ours is not called "Frugtsukker" ?  What a name!

    You get it from orchards.  I barely get an adequate amount.  I thought (based on the announcement) that it would drop all orchards, but it only drops from cherries or apples.  I have never seen it drop from peaches, almonds, citrus or olives.   If it did drop from those, it would be more than plentiful

    Not sure if it's already been posted by someone else, but here's a little bit of info about fruit sugar.

    1) Apple, cherry and peach orchards can all drop fruit sugar, as well as citrus groves.
    Olive groves and almonds orchards Cannot drop fruit sugar.

    2) As far as i'm aware, there is no 100% chance of fruit sugar dropping from any orchard/grove, they have drop rates of fruit sugar that are <100%.

    3) Short fert's/liquid fert's can drop fruit sugar (i think, not 100% sure), when used on apples, cherries, peaches or citrus groves, although they inevitably drop a lesser amount.

    4) The drop rates that i've observed so far are: Apples (30), Cherries (100), Peaches (120), Citrus groves (50).

    5) There does seem to be a smaller chance of dropping fruit sugar in 3x the normal amount, so for this smaller chance of a higher drop rate Apples would be 90, Cherries 300, Peaches 360, and citrus groves 150 (i've seen the 3x amount drop from the above buildings except citrus groves).

    Hope this helps a bit :)
    Thank you for sharing this with players. You have been helpful! :)
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