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Aloha's Raffle!

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Aloha's Raffle!

Aloha considers November 13 to be a special day, so she is conducting a raffle, you can enter the raffle by posting your username and server o:)

Example Format: Bean (INT1)

Note: The Raffle will end on 13th midnight, so please post your entries before that!

1) Community guidelines apply!
2) One slot one person!
3) Moderators have the right to change the rules/make any sort of decisions that are relevant to the contest including disqualifying players.
4) No Multi-account entries.

Prize Pool:
20000 Gold

There will be three winners who will be randomly picked by @ChickadeeQuilter but the best thing is that everyone who enters will get a prize  :)

Happy Farming,
RosyStarling, ChickadeeQuilter & BugsBunny!!
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