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Poll : List all events in prefered order that you like them



  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,539
    edited 21.08.2020
    than may be you as moods should do this poll not a user for its "own" interes. this is the discusion section so everyone is free to write what they think respecting  the rules ,no?
    @amber3 (INT1)

    In this case, as @RosyStarling already stated above, the thread author's purpose for this thread is to discuss what all events you prefer (The Order), if you stick to the discussion's topic, then you are free to discuss. As a user, @Exxy (INT1)  is free to run this poll as we see that there is nothing wrong with this, and this is a discussion thread.  

    So please stick to the topic,  and even if we one of our moderators from the team start this, I'm sure we will also not allow offtopic and will ask everyone respectively to stick to the topic.

    Any further offtopic comments will also be removed, if you have an objection to the decision or if you want to discuss this please feel free to message me or one of my teammates  o:)

    Thank you for understanding,
    Bugs Bunny
  • Waznt Me (US1)Waznt Me (US1) US1 Posts: 339
    1: Worldwide Championship
    2: Pleasure Park
    3: Coop Hard Worker
    4: Dream World 
    5: Temporary Farms ( Tropical , Candy , Viking ) - only the viking because you can still trade for viking ducks
    6: Farmers League
    7: Village Fair - now comes to often
    8: Cooperative Championship - comes to often, gets boring
    9: Regular Hard Worker
    10: Goldfish Rescue
    11: Finding Objects
    12: Fishing Hard Worker
    13: Horse Tournaments - junk now since the "revision"

    Anything that repeats weekly gets old fast.
  • Bibleman (US1)Bibleman (US1) US1 Posts: 46
    1. Worldwide Championship
    2. Farmers League
    3. Football Fever ( The Soccer Event)
    4. Cooperative Championship
    5. Fishing Hard Worker Event
    6. Goldfish Rescue
    7. Oktoberfest
    8. Pleasure Park
    9. Temporary Farms ( Tropical , Candy , Viking )
    10. Village Fair
    11. Horse Season
    12. Finding Objects
    13. Hard Worker Event
    14, Cooperative Hard Worker Event


  • Lin1 (US1)Lin1 (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    1. Cooperative Championship
    2. Worldwide Championship
    3. Fishing Hardworker
    4. Farmers League
    5. Finding Objects
    6. Regular Hardworker
    7. Cooperative Hardworker
    8. Village Fair
    9. Dream World
    10. Temporary Farms
    11. Horse Tournaments
    12. Goldfish Rescue
    13. Pleasure Park
  • domino666 (INT1)domino666 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 64
    1.  Village Fair (less often please)
    2.  Football Fever
    3.  CC 
    4.  Pleasure Park
    5.  CHWE
    6.  Temp Farms (viking aspecially)
    7.  WWC
    8.  Dream World
    9.  Farmers League
    10. FHWE
    11. HWE
    12. Goldfish Rescue
    13. Horse Season (needs to be less time consuming)
    14. sniffing 4 stuff (candy, hearths, balls, etc...)

    Bean, get a life :)))
  • diksh (IN1)diksh (IN1) IN1 Posts: 30
    1: Fishing Hard Worker
    2: Dream World
    3: Pleasure Park
    4: Worldwide Championship
    5: Temporary Farms ( a.Viking, b.candy, c.tropical )
    6: Finding Objects
    7: Goldfish Rescue
    8: Cooperative Championship
    9: Coop Hard Worker
    10: Regular Hard Worker
    11: Farmers League
    12: Village Fair
    13: Horse Tournaments

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