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Hello everyone
It is really hard to imagine the sheer magnitude of the disaster in Beirut! Many and many of people lost their lives, children and parents! How painful to see that! Sadness fills our hearts!
My condolences to all the friends & families of those who have lost their lives and homes.

Please PRAY for all our sisters and brothers in Beirut! 


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    Before the explosion at Lebanon's vital port in Beirut.

    After the explosion.....

     :'(  :'(:'(

    The shock wave from the blast, which Lebanese officials now estimate left between three and five billion dollars worth of damage, resulted in damage to homes up to miles away from the blast site. Hundreds of thousands are reported to be essentially homeless, given entire walls were ripped off residential buildings up to a mile away, with windows shattered multiple miles away.

    Голодомо́р 2

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    This was one of the extremely shocking incidents of 2020, It seems that 2020 is full of disasters, but let's be positive and wait for it all to go o:)


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