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WoF and Shinkei School ranking RP awards are not added until user logs-in to the game

Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
Today we figured out that after Wheel of Fortune time elapsed RP points for being in top5 or top50 are not added neither to the personal nor to the cooperative RP base until the player is logged-in to the game.

And if a player haven't logged-in until the end of cooperative championship those RP points and used tokens are just wasted away.

As you can see from the images below, player "Astyte" took 5th place in the WoF, so she should have won 1.000.000 RP points, but she haven't logged-in until the end of cooperative championship, and her reward and tokes has been wasted.

Please fix WoF that all rewards would be distributed right after WoF time elapsed, but not after player log-ins to the game.


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  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149

    Problem still havent been fixed.

    Wheel of Fortune have ended, but earned RP havent been added to personal or cooperative totals until player havent been logged in.

    Now we have "Saulysv" in WoF top5. So he should be won 1 mil RP. But he havent been logged in until i colled him. And after he logged in on same minute his 1 mil  RP have been added to his personal and coop totals.
    It means if he would not be logged in until the End of Cooperative championship his RP from WoF would be wasted.
    I assume that the same problem can be with Shinkei School. If you havent logged in after event finished it means your RP have been wasted.

    PLEASE change that in WoF and Shinkei earned RP would be distributed right after WoF or Shinkei have finished, not after player have logged in to the game.

    Player in a TOP5 of WoF.

    Personal RP totals before and after player have logged in to the game.

    Cooperative RP totals before and after player have logged in to the game.

  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149

    New CC, but old problems. After WoF or Shinkei School event is finished your RP awards for ranking are not given unitl player logs-in to the game.

    Whats the point to participate in WoF and Shinkei School if you can't be online just before the end of CC on the last day because your RP awards will be received after CC is finished already.

    Another example from the last WoF.

    Players score before she came online

    Players ranking in WoF

    Players score after she came online

  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
    Im still requesting to change Reputation Points repay  of  Shinkey School or WoF events right after those events finished regardless the player is online or offline. Right now repay is on the first attempt when player logins to the game.
    This situation encourages players to have a multiple accounts, if one account won a Shinkey school, or was in top 5 of WoF, this player will be left offline until situation requires to activate his score (for example until next cooperative championship).
    This CC we don't have a Shinkey school at all, at least not at the moment, but somebody in the first half day already have a 10 mil RP score.
    Somebody will say, that everyone could do the same in their coop, but in my opinion its unfair, and its against rules, because im pretty sure that it encourages to use a multiple accounts.

  • We'll try to inquire on that specific topic

    It could be intended

    In any case, we'll try to bring some news :) 
  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
    We'll try to inquire on that specific topic

    It could be intended

    In any case, we'll try to bring some news :) 
    Are there any news on this topic?
    Here are another screenshot. Somebody awakened their multies after last WoF. See those in position No.3 

  • I completely forgot to ask about that , it will have to go after weekend

    but I'll add a note for myself, to not forget this time, very sorry :)
  • Sigh!

    Could you believe me, if i would tell you.... i forgot to inquire about this issue twice...

    But the great news , is that we now have more information

    It is not intended that players receives their rewards from Wheel/School upon log-in

    it has been reported :)

  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
    Thanks for the news. After long time bumping this thread at least here is some information, and we could adjust our playing tactics to it.
  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
    As the issue is still not fixed i will keep posting screenshots.

    First hours in CC and somebody awakened their multi account after last Shinkey school with 6 mil RP and 10 mil RP. Could someone prohibit this playing style with multi player accounts as it is against rules.

  • At TiminTufu has already reported this, there's little more that the moderators can do about it. Hopefully, the bug will be fixed but we have no idea how high on a list of priorities it might be.

    If you believe that someone is cheating that's a matter for customer support but bear in mind that it could just be that they keep up to date on twitter and log in to help their coop mates during coop events.

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