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CC again

are you really so out of ideas!!!! a CC right after 2 days from the last one!!!!. thats totally insane. 


  • janflipflo (GB1)janflipflo (GB1) GB1 Posts: 346
    yes we ask for less, they give more.  worst thing is HWE was shortened, I am guessing so CC can go for 5 days, I hope I am wrong.
    Make you right there Dark Underworld :(
  • edu29d (GB1)edu29d (GB1) GB1 Posts: 69
    I am more suprised that they gave us a non coop hwe. It's been an almost constant coop challenge of one form or another for almost 3 weeks solid
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    Yeah, well

    we can fairly assume, that CC's is the main event for most of Big Farm , since quite a while by now

    While, i agree that its not the most fun for many players

    It is the most popular in terms of team competition , and big farm being a team game , is associated with that in a way
  • Yeah

    Well GG have to please all types of customers , that includes the gold buyers

  • Maggiltilda (NL1)Maggiltilda (NL1) NL1 Posts: 546
    Of course the gold buyers have to be satisfied, it has never been different, The non gold buyers, or few gold users  just dangle and are satisfied with 10 drops, 10 seaweed or something silly.
  • DebRN (US1)DebRN (US1) US1 Posts: 697
    We only have about 4 active players... so competing is really out of the question for us.  If people want to do missions, fine... otherwise we let it roll on by.

  • daisymae7 (US1)daisymae7 (US1) US1 Posts: 21
    Most of my co-op members are getting extremely bored with having the CCs so close together.  And where is the CC Wheel of Fortune this CC??
    daisymae7 @ us 1
  • I will pass on to the CMs that a lot of you are getting fed up with all the CCs.

    Hopefully they will listen.

  • 12EB23 (INT1)12EB23 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 409
    thanks.  really heaps will be happy if they listen 
  • I wonder if players who really dislikes to see CC , whenever it appears , even as the 24 hour before it arrives, Would like having some kind of brainstorming session with me/us , to see what could be improved

    We could try to come up with some realistic things , would there be some kind of interest into that kind of activity? :) please let me/us know :)
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    i absolutely hate the CC. i have ever sense they downgraded the prizes so much. but yet it takes just as much work if not even more. especially sense now with the masters it is even harder to get points cause the master players use a lot of gold. so i would be all for another type of competition to actually take the place of the CC like the VF was supposed to do. even if we could get 2 3 day of those and 1 less CC would be better for me. but i think another different kind of competition would be great. one that did not take so much gold like the CC but one that was not completely dependent on the coop like VF either. cause the only downside to VF is i cant get my points if the coop does not get the challenge rewards. so if someone could come up with one that had good parts of both of those and left the bad parts out would be great. but of course everyone opion would be different.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • @ijrosh (US1)

    So.. your issue, Trying to get an accurate idea, for you

    Rewards not being good enough, for where your coop stands as we speak

    Is it because, of when you are in Silver league? That the whole rewards there, there is nothing interesting?

    Or you are sometimes in gold, but the decent rewards feels too far to reach? :)
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    no my coop team players (was just4fun) has been a top 10 gold for a long time now. but a couple years ago they made the hard worker prizes much worse. so ever sense then i do what i need to to help make sure we stay in top 10 and that is about it. unless i need to push for the rare times we can be top 5 or if i go help another coop. so i think the hard work rewards are not worth the gold and seaweed it takes me to get the points to get them or rest in the coop. especially when a lot of the missions i get put in are with players from the masters that need to win the mission at any cost. i personally feel they have downgraded every event so badly now most are not even worth playing. same with the gold packages. i would love to buy more gold but the deals now are crap. i did however buy some in dream and did buy a little with a 150 and coop cause the coop needed it for VF. but all of last year i was buying 80? dollars when it was a 120 percent or buy one get one with the all gold offer every month and sometimes more. then over the winter i bought a lot of the 100 dollar balloon wheel. but the most i have bought sense they ruined that deal was the 30 dollar 150/coop. i think they have lost touch with what there players like and are willing to do. i want nothing more then to buy that 100 dollar deal and buy the level 7 books but i will not with these deals. i also have not spent much in the temp farms compared to what i normally do ether or the other competitions. cause i am not going to spend more for less gold then use more gold to get crapper prizes.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • Well, I understand @ijrosh (US1)

    but, saying you dont like a CC , and you're annoyed with it , every time you start

    I'm relatively trying to ask for possible/realistic solutions , things, that could improve that? :)
  • Maybe, other players, have ideas/suggestions, that could help you folks, appreciate a little bit more CC's

    If some good things come up, we never know what can be integrated in the game :)
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    ok make the prizes worth the work and the resources spent to get the prizes. or like i said come up with a new event that can replace a couple like the village fair was supposed too. or even have more of those except they have now downgraded that so much too that it is almost not worth playing either. ok i will ask you this? why do i want to spend 10 hours a day a 100 dollars a month on something i dont need? cause that is pretty much every CC. the only reason i use stuff if i have to on a CC is to get the other 70 members in my coop the 2 gold mining licences sense a lot are not gold players. right now there is nothing in the prizes worth it to me.
    ijrosh @ us 1
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    Well, okay, i get it

    There is 2GML, you can obtain in Gold, at around 71M RP

    What would you think of adding 1 GML at 35M RP , and maybe 1 Goldflower seeed at 17.5M RP? 

    Keep in mind, I'm only a moderator , we dont have that much influence on the team , but , actually trying to see, if we could propose interesting things , for changes, that would make it better for people who have a tough time with CC :)
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    maybe but see my problem personally is that i can spend well over that 6k in gold for the CC. so by the end i have used more gold then given and just  have useless rewards for me personally that i paid real life money for. now yes i  do this because a lot of the other 70 members are not gold buyers so it is great for them. but it does get a little annoying sense my coop is a bit different and we are way more relaxed then most. so maybe add everything that is offered in the CC to the WWC trader and add WWC coins to the CC. or mabe add a new trader and just do trader points like with goldfish and PP. because my coop along with a lot of coops cant get to the top 5 which means no big cow. also it gets annoying to know that everyone in the top 5 coops are getting better every time there is a CC and i am not because i choice to stay with the coop i started with over 4 years ago. it does not mean i am a worse player or i spend less money or time then there players. it just means because they are in a better coop they have better opportunity. which makes it way harder for me personally to stay in the top 20 for WWC. so maybe see if they could re design the prizes again based on coop size and league? i know i am not the only one being discouraged by this we just had 2 players leave that loved it there to go to a top 5 coop because they wanted the better buildings. which means what chance does a small coop have in getting the better buildings and getting better players to stay. if everything is only offered to the top 5.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • The Best King (INT1)The Best King (INT1) INT1 Posts: 878
    edited 06.07.2020
    Well, okay, i get it

    There is 2GML, you can obtain in Gold, at around 71M RP

    What would you think of adding 1 GML at 35M RP , and maybe 1 Goldflower seeed at 17.5M RP? 

    Keep in mind, I'm only a moderator , we dont have that much influence on the team , but , actually trying to see, if we could propose interesting things , for changes, that would make it better for people who have a tough time with CC :)
    @TiminuTufu  I was brainstorming yesterday with Exxy actually, and one of the idea's we came up with was to decrease the coop rewards and put in some personal rewards.

    We were thinking that depending on the lvl of the player and the amount of rp he/she has, the amount of rep points needed to collect the final personal rewards could be anywhere from 2 - 15 million rp.

    While that might be complicated to do, all you would have to is create player lvl brackets and player rep point brackets.

    So if a player is in lvl bracket 3 and rp bracket 2, you then give them the personal reward layout 5, for example.

    Was going to do a little post in the suggestions but not sure i need to anymore... :D
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