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Village Fair Changes

I did a quick search in the forum to see if this thread has been started. Sorry but I can't find anything so here is my suggestion.

Please change the Village Fair so that Challenges can only be started by deputies. Regular members do not understand, or often do not read, group messages or the chat to see that starting 14 hour challenges isn't helpful to the group, or choosing challenges that may only work for their farms, rather than communicating with the entire group for feedback.

We have tried stating guidelines for how to start challenges, send out messages, created video tutorials - The regular members still pick the wrong challenges. The rest of us sit at the bottom of the Farmer's League rankings.

In addition - an option to skip or end the challenge quickly would be amazing as well. Ideally, could be skipped with village farm dollars or regular dollars. I leave out gold as an option but hey, if you offer us this feature, it would be used.

I hope you will give this serious consideration. Our coop is a great bunch of people, as I think all coops must be, YET this Village Fair often sends people into frustration and anxiety to do well in their Farmer's League rankings.
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  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,903
    If not restricting challenges to leaders and deputies, another idea, as well as defaulting to page 1 which I thoroughly endorse, is to restrict types of starting challenges to different levels.For instance:

    1-20: Can not start a challenge
    21-40: Can start 1 star challenges only
    40-65: Can start 1 or 2 star challenges
    65+: Can start any challenge
    Would like to expand this just a tad 

    1-20: Can not start a challenge - period
    21-40: Can start 1 star challenges only - only 30 minutes in length
    40-65: Can start 1 or 2 star challenges - up to 4 hours in length
    65+: Can start any challenge - any length

  • bevlee (AU1)bevlee (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1
    I personally like the idea of only the leader or deputies starting the village fair challenges.
    I also like the idea that Data King has put forward, that we restrict the levels that new players
    can start. I think that may be the fairer way to go, that way new members have a chance
    to work out how to play without penalising the whole team.

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