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Show Your poems!

dreambig102dreambig102 Posts: 345
edited 18.09.2014 in The Chicken Coop
Here you can show off your poems I know i would love to see them.

Here's a little poem i wrote:


Dreams are great dreams are forever.
Will you stop dreaming? No not never.

It can happen in you bed like little movies
playing in your head.

It can be about Princesses and castles,
or about you playing in you own household.

Dreams are Awesome, but do you know whats
When your having nightmares that scare you a

With fire breathing dragons that like to spit.

When your have nightmares just remember this:
That dragon that likes to spit, change him into
a dragon who likes to sing.

Well, that's my poem laidies and gentlemen
guess the only thing to say now is...

The End
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  • dreambig102dreambig102 Posts: 345
    edited 23.04.2014
    hope you like it!
  • pizza1235pizza1235 Posts: 36
    edited 26.04.2014
    wow some awesome poems dream keep up the good work.
  • dreambig102dreambig102 Posts: 345
    edited 27.04.2014
    thanks pizza!

    many more where that came from.
  • khoulker (IN1)khoulker (IN1) Posts: 54
    edited 27.04.2014
    More poems, please!! Lovely work, Dream!! I am all about the singing dragon! :D You show much talent! Great job, my friend!! The world absolutely needs more dreams, and more dreamers. Thanks for the inspiration! ^^
  • dreambig102dreambig102 Posts: 345
    edited 27.04.2014
    thank you very much kh
  • siam22siam22 Posts: 78
    edited 30.04.2014
    please see my limerick!
    Limericks were invented by soldiers of Ireland in the 18th century.
    If u don't no the rules to write limerick here is it;
    first to line:same rhyme
    3rd and 4th:own rhyme and bit
    last line:like first 2 lines!

    so here is my limerick poem!^^

    There was a boy in a castle,:thumbup:
    Who wanted to battle.X(
    But his Father was the king
    Who didn't allow him to,X(
    Because he was a boy very little!:(
  • Uncle WillyUncle Willy Posts: 261
    edited 30.04.2014
    Inner life of the world of things
    not the self that sees
    but the things which are seen

    A great test for the poet
    what we most wish to say
    is usually just that
    which escapes

    State of mind weakened
    with immediate insight
    What is believed dis-jointed
    suddenly unites

    Things are as they are
    Gathers colour and mood
    new insight arises
    The stuff of Haiku

    K. Wilson April 30/2014

    I hope you like my poem DreamBig10.

    What the heck is haiku? :huh: Short FREE :) lesson included. Please post your haiku here: http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/showthread.php?107196-Haiku-Thoughtful-unexpected-touch-Please-post-ur-haiku-here-25-million-of-%C3%A9m-would-be-great! Thank you.
  • SoapieSoapie Posts: 57
    edited 06.05.2014
    Beautiful Poem, Uncle Willy!:love:
  • bubble123bubble123 Posts: 8
    edited 04.07.2014
    these are all such great poems
    wow i wish i could write a poem
  • Uncle WillyUncle Willy Posts: 261
    edited 05.07.2014
    I can feel the Rhythm as I walk
    and have a rummage as I talk
    No one can tell what it is I feel
    It is like a bloody great eel

    By Peggyegg & Uncle Willy

    Attachment not found.
  • eishaheishah Posts: 129
    edited 04.09.2014
    My poem is:
    no sun-no moon!
    no morn-no noon
    no dawn-no dusk-no proper time of day
    no sky-no earthly view
    no distance looking blue-
    no end to any row-
    no indications where the Crescents go-
    no top to any steeple-

    no inkling of the way-no notion-
    "no go"-by land or ocean-
    no mail-no post-
    no news from any foreign cost-
    no park-no ring-no afternoon gentility-
    no company-no nobility-
    no warmth,no cheerfulness,no healthful ease,
    no comfortable feel in any body-
    no shade,no shine,no butterflies,no bees,
    no fruit,no flowers,no leaves,no birds!-
    The End
    hope you like it
    Attachment not found.

  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
    edited 04.09.2014
    Monty was an artful man,
    Who foiled us with his cunning plan,
    "Come on up & spin my wheel,
    And get yourself a wonderous deal!"
    Oh crap, not another picnic!!! 8|
  • eishaheishah Posts: 129
    edited 04.09.2014
    very nice runwivscissors
  • eishaheishah Posts: 129
    edited 08.09.2014
    Another one:

    ***MOON WIND***
    There is no wind at moon at all
    Yet things get blown about
    In utter utter stillness
    Your candle shivers out.

    In utter utter stillness
    A giant marquee
    Booms and flounders past you
    Like a swan at sea.

    In utter utter stillness
    While you stand in the street
    A squall of hens and cabbages
    Knocks you off your feet.

    In utter utter stillness
    While you stand agog
    A tearing twisting sheet of pond
    Clouts you win with a frog.

    A camp of caravans suddenly
    Squawks and takes off.
    A Ferris wheel bounds along the skyline
    Like a somersaulting giraffe...;)

    Roots and foundations,nails and screws,
    Nothing can hold fast,
    Nothing can resist the moon's
    Dead-still blast.

    ***THE END***
    hope you like it;I will try to make more
    Attachment not found.
  • kiupio5kiupio5 Posts: 33
    edited 08.09.2014
    :All good times pass by
    all want to know why
    I'll tell you the reason
    think of one season

    When comes the summer
    rays hits all like hammer
    We go on a vacation
    then, no water to see reflection

    Rivers, lakes all get dried ,
    we dream of pools wide,
    No water to satisfy our thirst
    all we want is rain first

    That is why good times pass by,
    now lets all think high as sky.

    ♦ Kiupio (pen name):)

    Im happy that we all love writing poems.
  • eishaheishah Posts: 129
    edited 08.09.2014
  • eishaheishah Posts: 129
    edited 12.09.2014
    Another (too)little one:
    Moon And Earth

    Why is moon so white?
    Why is Earth so brown?

    Why is Moon so "lifeless"?
    Why is Earth so full of life?

    Why is Moon so bright?
    Why is Earth so dull?

    Why does the Moon orbits Earth?
    Why does the Earth orbits Sun?
  • edited 18.09.2014
    Ha ha ha ha...loved it RunsWivScissors
  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131


  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131

    Uncle Willy & DebRN, March 2020
  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131

    World Improv Stage

    Dear reader, Hi, you are a potential priceless member of Uncle Willys Covid free zone Coop US1 server + Canada eh
    I would like to quietly, slowly, hug you and whisper very close to your ear in a very sensual (not sexual) way
    while slowwwly pouring a cold fizzy beer in a tall  tall glass (listen to the fizzing) our humble invitation to join us
    Its FREE  Leave Anytime. I'm now going to put the mike really close to my 1200 thread count Egyptian sheets and slowwwwly drag my fingernails across the stretched tightly taunt clean white cotton threads... shh hear it...

    Thank you for reading, please consider posting a simple 3 line Haiku in our Forum Haiku thread   B)
  • The mutilated fox,
    the bloody wolf, 
    dances and grins, 
    oh, the cruelty of wars!
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 5,253
                                                       Try To Remember

                       I try too remember their faces  , 
                       but it has been way to long since I have gone to different place's , 
                       The day's and night's seem long ,
                        as I listen to the words in my favorite song,
                       Time has no place when your alone  in the year's  to come , 
                        cause you hope that it will get better and not come undone.

                    By Me. :)

  • Uncle Willy (AU1)Uncle Willy (AU1) AU1 Posts: 74
    edited 18.04.2020

    Cobras Contract Revocation via Untwine
    Uncle Willy luvs u all and I'm happy today, hope u r 2  :smile:
  • WillyBigFoot (FormerMod)WillyBigFoot (FormerMod) Guest Posts: 142
    edited 17.05.2020

    He brings me joy and always spreads glee.

    He makes me stronger. 

    I want my Dog to Live as long as you & me!

    I want my Dog to Live Longer!

  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131
  • Barbiecharm (IN1)Barbiecharm (IN1) IN1 Posts: 5,242
    Hey you shimmering blue ocean
    I have no emotion 
    Tell me where are you flowing to
    Maybe I can follow too

    Over and over you avoid me
    I don't have it in me
    Tell me where are you going to
    Maybe we can go together. 

  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131

    New guppies in old bottles, 
    Unlike old wine in new wineskins,
    Ripple only the surface
    of sensibility.
    No morale depths to plumb here.
    Only the continuous fragmentation
    Of the liquid continuum,
    As they strike like miniature bass
    The flecks of sunlight broken
    By the green prism of their world.

    LLoyd Dendinger
    Mobile, Alabama

  • Uncle Willy (US1)Uncle Willy (US1) US1 Posts: 131
    edited 18.06.2020

    What can I do?

    What can I do? I'm talking to you! Who can I call?
    Who can I shout at out loud?
    What can I do Today to make myself feel proud?

    Where can I go? What do I say, and to who?
    What would you do? Say? and When?
    Does running around like a clucking hen 
    make you Males feel more like Men?
    I'm A Man and I want to say
    What can you do to make you feel Proud of Yourself Today?

    KW June/2020

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