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  • FarmerMarkD (US1)FarmerMarkD (US1) US1 Posts: 119
    My dear, dear friend Mary,

    I remember when I first joined the Brat Pack, chatting with you about what it was like for you living in the old city of Jerusalem. You became an instant friend and someone I looked to for advice, a kind word, or just a quick hello when we were both busy with playing the game and helping out the Brat Pack. That has never changed. Your sweet light shone through the chat window even then.

    I remember how panicked we both were when @rie22 (US1) and @studbuzzrd (US1) asked us to take over leadership of the #1 coop on the server. Could we possibly do it? They had done such an amazing job of making the Brat Pack the best of the best, and we didn't want to let them down. So many terrified emails and PMs passed back and forth. How should we do this? Can we do that? What if this happens? 

    Well, everything that could possibly happen did eventually happen, I think. We lost players. We gained players. We laughed and cried. We were betrayed by some we thought were friends. We found new friends we never knew we had. We won Coopchas. We won Village Fairs. We built an amazing coop village with the help of @tcape0037 (US1), who is sorely missed. We learned as we went, we divided and conquered, and through it all, you were the light that guided the Brat Pack always. Your love and compassion for all your "children" was always evident, always our North Star. 

    I remember when you first told me you had cancer and would need to step down as leader. I cried. Then I cried some more. Then we talked about it, a lot, and I knew that I needed to step down also, give the Brat Pack a new direction with new leaders. I also knew I couldn't do it without you. Because it was always you, Mary, it was always you. 

    As the Brat Pack faces a new era with @myself2 (US1) and @LuckySandra2 (US1) at the helm, you face a new era as well. I remember when my partner died in 1995, I was going through his things and a little card fluttered to my feet. It said "Don't be afraid. It's only change." Somehow, that card got me through the most difficult time of my life. And it's helping me get through this time as well. It's only change. It's nothing to fear. I know I'll see you on the other side, and we'll play a new version of Big Farm with all our wonderful friends and teammates. 

    And with you at the helm, we'll always be the best, the brightest we can be. Because it was always you, Mary. It was always you.

    I love you my friend. I can't say it enough. I know you know this. I know I've told you hundreds of times. But I'll say it once more, for now.

    I love you Mary,

    Your co-leader always,

  • I, forever, will be grateful to you. I was a brat for many years and learned so much from you. the game and i will miss you. We've had our differences, but it happens in this game. God bless you Mary and i know he has open arms for you. Bear Hugs............Gerry
  • I have never been a Brat But played with you many years,Your name will last a lifetime for this game~ God Bless And lots of Love to you an your Fam. {Brats} an at home. 
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,784
    edited 12.04.2020
    Dear Mary,

    You took me in when I was just a baby farm! YOU and the Brats nurtured my farms growth throughout 4 years to help them become what they are today... It has been my pleasure to know you. You are and will be always in my heart!!

    It was with heavy heart I left the brats... It is with a heavy heart to see you leave the game here on earth, but sure you will be with great company in the sky, such as Terri, when the time comes... You will be missed here by many, myself included!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and everyone who knows you one way or the other... 

    Big Hugs

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  • Barb8756 (US1)Barb8756 (US1) US1 Posts: 1
    Looking forward to meet you again to celebrate our friendship with Huckleberry and Wine!
    Til then take care my dear friend
  • ~ Butterfly ~ (US1)~ Butterfly ~ (US1) US1 Posts: 25
    edited 12.04.2020
    First, we lost Peggy and then Terri.  Our Brat family had so much love and memories of both.  Mary that is nothing close to the memories we have of you. One big difference is that we did not get a chance to say goodbye to them. I hate goodbyes but I do want you to know that I love you! I am sure that your days are numbered in heaven because he will send you back as a guardian angel to look out for someone that really needs one. He knows you have experience with that because you have been doing that for your family(Brat Pack Family) for years. 
    You are our angel, Mary.
  • ManiB (US1)ManiB (US1) US1 Posts: 18

    Thank you. Thank you for helping to create a game on this server that was fun to play. Thank you for making us smarter players. Thank you for giving us something to work toward.  Thank you for the challenges, the chatter, the laughter, the drama, the excitement of another day on BF.  Mostly, though, thank you for being kind and generous to my tiny farm all those years ago when I had lost hope that kindness could be found in this (then new) game.  Thank you, Mary.  Thank you. 

    Blessings, dear one. 

  • Dearest Mary, I'll be forever grateful I got the chance to play Big Farm with you, and appreciate so much the tips and tricks you taught me along the way.
    I quit the game entirely on March 22nd as I could no longer stand the constant pressure of coop events. 
    I wish you peace, and hope that your dear doggie Dickens brings you comfort at this most needed time.
    Hugs and Love from your NOLA Gal.

  • Dear Mary,

    It is with a heavy heart to say goodbye Mary, more than building a great coop, you have touched a lot of people with your kindness and love. In the short 6 months I have been here, it has been an awesome experience to get to be a part of your life. The love that everyone has for you has been overwhelming and a testament to what a wonderful person you are. God bless you in your next journey and my heart flags will fly on my farms forever in your memory.

    Love Steve
  • Mary,

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this family. If one thing ever stood out to me in this game..it was your name. When I first started the game(after figuring out how to check other coops,gotta love the noobie days) I thought to myself hummm imma go check out the BIG farms. So I chose the top coop. Your name was the first I seen. I entered your farm! Pretty sure I was drinking coffee and nearly choked on it after laying my eyes on such beauty. I literally said to myself..Ok Mel you should just quit this game now...there's no way I could EVER be as good as them. But I decided to stay and give it a shot. At this point I had no idea how many of each and hated to bother people by asking stuff. So I would go to your farm for inspiration. So basically without you even knowing you helped me build my farm as a baby. As time went on and my farm started to take shape..I still never dreamed I could be a part of the famous Brat Pack. I was literally scared of you..no way I could try to talk or ask to join. In my eyes you were the queen here. I would hear the dumb stuff like you never wanna join there..its like a army base..they are mean etc. Then the day came. I got invited to the Brat Pack. I was sooooooo scared to even accept. I recall my palms being sweaty, my stomach was a wreck. Took a deep breath and hit join. I was instantly accepted as part of this family. The chat was flying with the welcomes. My farm looked like Christmas within minutes. Didn't take long to find out all those things I heard wasn't true. But mostly I found out I didn't have to be scared of Mary anymore! She was so sweet, nice and helpful. Nothing like what I heard. Yeah she was the queen, but the good kind. 

    This game with NEVER be the same without you. You are and will always be a true LEGEND. 

    I love you Mary    You will be missed so very much!!

    Mel (Blissfulness)
  • Dearest Mary,

    You took a chance on me when I first joined BP.  My farm was small.  With your guidance my farm has grown to what it is today.  I thank you for your guidance.  I thank you for your friendship.  I thank you for your love.

    Big Farm will not ever be the same without you.  You are an institution to this game.  Your love of everyone on the game will continue on with all of our farms that you helped us create.  

    Never goodbye, until we meet again.
    Love always,
  • SassyMiss (US1)SassyMiss (US1) US1 Posts: 349
    I remember the first time I "talked" with you, Mary. I beat you in a dung mission and was so stunned . I actually thought you let me win, so I mailed you a thank you. A while later you mailed me back and said, " thank you for the note, but I actually just fell asleep". I laughed the rest of the day. I may not be one of the "pack" but I will truly miss you. God bless you, Mary.
  • Momo7771 (US1)Momo7771 (US1) US1 Posts: 8
    Hi Mary, It has been a pleasure and delight knowing you. I will see you on the other side one day. Sending you lots of love and light my friend.

    Momo/Karin xoxoxo
  • Good by Mary. Peace and Love be with you.
  • Dear Mary, 
    My heart is heavy.  I will always remember you with warm thoughts.  You have helped me so much with crazy questions I would ask. But  because of your help, my farm became stronger. I was a BP for 3 years and loved every minute. Your leadership will be remembered not ever forgotten. le A true Big Farm legend

    Love you 
    marywisc angel XOXO  May God always keep you in his arms.

  • Allania (US1)Allania (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    Dearest Mary,

    How to say goodbye to family. I cannot,  so I'll say till we meet again.
    You are a lovely person and a great leader, always cheering us on even when things didnt work out, knowing what to say, and cheering even more on the road to victory. The Brats wont be the same without you.

    I'll have a  brownie for you in the we hours.

    The angels took my mom away some time ago, shes waiting for you to help you through this.

    I'll miss you.

    Love you Mary

    Brat Pack
  • soozayn (US1)soozayn (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    Dearest Mary, I will remember forever the times we would message back & forth & how wise & kind you have always been. I am glad that I finally joined BP in time to make you smile & I am sure gonna miss you on the farm. In the words of Vera Lynn...we'll meet again. I'm gonna look out for you when I get there & we will have a blast together I am sure. Loads of love & prayers winging their way from UK to you  <3
  • bdj (US1)bdj (US1) US1 Posts: 14
    Mary, You have been a very dear friend to me in this game . I am so sorry to see you go through this illness.
    You have touched my heart in ways you will never believe. You were my 2nd mentor Tomb was my first. I learned so much from you I always loved testing out the techniques of this game and throwing them back your way for evaluation to help teach others game play. By your standards it has allowed me to continue teaching in this Big Farm World. I will miss you not seeing you in missions will just be quite a shock.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share your coop and to teach me.
    You will be missed my Blessed friend.
    Peace and Love to you always and forever
  • Danny6 (US1)Danny6 (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    Mary, I will always miss you dearly, you are an awesome and loving person, it has been an honor to have been with you in this game, I cry as I read all these messages, I feel the hole without you here. Peace and love my dear, dear friend!!!

  • LEC (US1)LEC (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    My dear Mary  <3
    My heart is broken. We all love you so much. I wish I could take your pain away. You have given all of yourself to us here. My earliest memory was chatting with you the week after I joined as a little level 75'er. It was when Coopcha used to start at weird hours and it was 4am and your joy and excitement woke us all up. You have been a pillar of the BigFarm US Server and a dedicated leader of the Brat Pack. What a beautiful day it was when I received your invitation....

    May the angels wrap you close and sparkle your spirit. 
    All my love, dear Mary. 
  • luvs2wolf64 (US1)luvs2wolf64 (US1) US1 Posts: 170
    edited 13.04.2020
    Dear Mary,

    I haven't been on the game since January because of a wiring issue with internet, and I have trouble typing and reading on my phone, so I haven't even thought to check the forums. But I never stopped thinking about you and having been wondering how you were doing, especially since the pandemic. A friend called last night and read me your post (and a few responses, since I cant read them well myself.) Still crying... 

    We haven't really talked much, but ever since the first time we did, I have always considered you a friend, will always consider you a friend, and wish I could have met you in person, but I refuse to say good-bye. I know, corny, but yeah...

    It was my pleasure to meet you, know you, and watch you and the Brats do your thing, especially that first time you guys went to ML. Watching was fun, but being able to run over and help when/where I could - the best! 

    I guess I'm a sap when it comes to helping other people and "feeling" them win (even when I dont want them to win lol) but I've always had more fun doing that than playing the game. People are why I chose to play this game, and pretty much all of them are why I stayed. You taught me a lot, without even knowing it or saying a word.  :)
    Sending HUGE hugs and prayers for comfort and peace! 

    Will love you always and will see you on the other side,

    ~ Luvs
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
     So sad to have another great farmer leaving us :(
    Just have to pass on my best wishes for the co op with Mary leaving what could only be called a huge hole with in the Brats. May take some time but most know the Brats will rise to the challenge.
     Keeping you & your family/s in my prayers during this even tougher times now.

  • Best Wishes and  we will never forgot what you have done for your coop and for game 
  • mmargaret (US1)mmargaret (US1) US1 Posts: 16
    Peace and love to you.
    You will be missed by many.
  • Moonwise (US1)Moonwise (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    Dearest Mary, my heart is breaking for you! I wished and prayed so hard that you would beat this. It's so hard to imagine a Brat Pack without its Queen, but we will all work together to rebuild and back our Charlie and Sandra to the fullest! I have no words to express how deeply you will be missed, by myself and SO many others! But words are just words, they can't hold a candle to the feelings we all feel for you! You are forever the Queen of the Brats and our hearts! You will be sorely missed in the game, most certainly in our hearts!

    Happy Farming, Mary
    Peace be with you.
     ~ Ali (Moonwise)
    See you on the farm!
  • Mary, You will always have a big chunk of my heart. Things went sour but it wasn't intentional. People didn't understand. I love you and I always will. I had so much fun with you planning the ML run and win. You are such an angel and God is waiting for you. When you get there you can do a fly by and sparkle one of my chickens. God bless and I love you so much.  Peace and love be with you boss. Shirley
  • Mary
    Though we never did play in the same co-op together I still consider you to be a great friend.
    We even had a couple of great conversations, I would have loved to met you in person because I am sure you would be the most amazing person that I have grown to know over the last year or so.
    Mary , you will be missed, maybe we will met in a challenge again sometime and you will let me win one again.
    My prayers will always be with you.
  • Katie R (US1)Katie R (US1) US1 Posts: 17

    It really saddened me to hear about your cancer.  You really have been an inspiration and like a lot of people, I hate goodbyes.  You are in my thoughts and prayers and you will be missed *hugz*.  Thank you for being my friend *hugz*  Will cya soon
  • Kennetha (US1)Kennetha (US1) US1 Posts: 111
      I love you Mary...I want to Thank Vince for taking such good care of you..He is an awesome friend and in the final stages of cancer, he has not left your side.... He reads to you and sings to you. and is now holding your hand until the Angels come for you...

      It has been a hard several months on you and on The Brat Pack...I remember like it was yesterday that you sent me the email telling me that you had cancer, and that it was inoperable that you only had 3 to 6 months to live...My heart crumbled...I was like NO  NOT MARY.. Playing Big Farm and with a coop, you get to know people, and to me chat is the biggest part of the game.You get to know people on a personal basis, You become family.. I have never met anyone in The Brat Pack, but I love them all... We have had alot of people to leave our family for one reason or another, but we also had some older Brats that came back home. I Have no clue as what will happen when you are gone..I just pray that the family we have now loves you enough to stay with Your coop, and maybe bring a few back I know how it felt when some of the people left, hurting you over and over and you with such a short time left here on earth. Breaking your heart...I am sorry for that..

      I tried to call you the other day, but I was too late to talk with you,  I wish I had called early when you was able to talk...Vince said you was finally comfortable,  Thank you Jesus...

    I love you sister MARY...I will never forget you, you will always have a piece of my heart.. So see ya later Mary Margaret. My Hero...My Friend...BIG HUGS FOR YOU   XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO   kENNETHA/kENN

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