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Higher level gives LESS

Higher levels of some buildings (field, second farm field, greenhouse etc.) give less at higher level?


  • Dddbluk (CZ1)Dddbluk (CZ1) CZ1 Posts: 44
    Actually it is a little bit different than I thought before. The level of the building you are currently looking at has more profit than other levels. In my comment before I looked at level 1 garden. But if I had looked at level 2 garden, I would have seen more profit on the second level and less profit on the first level.

    Is it possible that it is becouse of some boost? (the only one I can think of are books, but the numbers dont fit) Maybe something from guild?
  • Dddbluk (CZ1)Dddbluk (CZ1) CZ1 Posts: 44
    OMG I just solved this problem. When you use fertiliser on some field, It will show you more profit for all plants on the level of that building. Really? And here I sweared I wouldnt upgrade my greenhouse becouse of that.
  • @Dddbluk (CZ1) There was a display error on many levels of many buildings not long ago, where some levels showed the harvest including books & others levels didn't, maybe the same thing is happening now with humus. If it is the same, the harvest amounts will be correct, it is just a display error in the info - I will get the Garden info checked out.
  • @WascallyWabbit


    A member of my cooperative is having problems with his dandy ducks. Level 9 dandy duck gives only 1090 eggs and it should give more because he has lvl 4 duck egg handbook. Can you check it out?
    He does not speak English, that is why he asked me to write on his behalf. 
    Already sent a message to @FuzzyBear days ago but still have not received any reply.

  • RowdyRac (FormerMod)RowdyRac (FormerMod) Guest Posts: 1,250
    @PlayerSamedi (INT1)

    It depends, of course, on which type of feed he uses for his ducks but if he is using normal or premium feed, the numbers look right to me.

    A lvl 9 dandy duck on normal/premium feed will give 820 eggs.  A level 4 duck handbook adds 270 eggs.  That adds up to 1090 eggs.
  • Thank you, i will let him know.

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