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Can not zoom out to see farm in its smallest form....everything is huge now !!!!!!!  always used my mouse to zoom my farms in and out....my zoom out button isnt even highlighted so I can use that either..very hard to navagate around at the size its stuck in now...just wont play till they fix it...or buy anymore gold to support them...this is ridiculus !!  Lisa   3/6/2020
Lisamark @ us 1


  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 738
    Mine zooms with mouse wheel just fine.  Maybe clear cache and reload game.  Have you tried to use the + and - button under Options?
  • PAESANO (AU1)PAESANO (AU1) AU1 Posts: 50
    i hear ya lisa. but coz it works for the moda. good game dont care. there are so many bugs in this game. nothing works as it should. my library books , dont work either, but coz im only me, good game do SWEET NOTHING.   
  • Shilo (AU1)Shilo (AU1) AU1 Posts: 12
    I have a member with the same issue. She has a Laptop using windows 7. Please help this issue is not just isolated to some people judging by the forum posts . Moderator do some Mods lol
    Bite me just try !!
  • @Lisamark (US1)
    @Shilo (AU1)

    The 2 players experiencing issues with zoom in their game can adjust the settings of their browsers in the following way:

    While your game is open, look at your keyboard and find the CTRL key (usually at the bottom near the Space bar) as well as the + and - keys  (usually at the top of the keyboard, near the numbers).

    If you then press CTRL and - at the same time, you will notice a small notification at the top of the screen, your browser telling you that you have made adjustments:

    Set the size at which your farm displays to whatever percentage suits you best.
    + will make it larger, - will make is smaller

    You will also still be able to do your usual zooming in and out with the mouse wheel.
    Just play around with your settings until you find the image size that works best for you.

    @PAESANO (AU1)

    It would be helpful if you can give a fuller explanation of what is happening with your library book situation, preferably with screenshots to help everyone understand more clearly.
    We have a friendly, helpful community here who could certainly provide you with some advice on the matter, if only they had more specifics to work with.
  • PAESANO (AU1)PAESANO (AU1) AU1 Posts: 50
    no good because even tho there is a fault. with my library book you can not say it. because goodgame wont let you. lol
  • @PAESANO (AU1)

    No problem, it's fully your choice if you prefer not to receive input from fellow farmers.

    Happy farming to you.
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