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Village boat ... a coop killer

Very few knows that upgrading the boat means you have to spend much more  time in the future to repair the boat  ...  often people think that upgrading the boat only means better rewards ... and who dont want 'free' gifts ;-)

It would be nice if the page where you get information about what is needed for next upgrade also contains information about how much materiels the boat might need to be repaired for next lv of the boat and informations about what kind of rewards you can expect to get just like the blue-info-button on ex. stables.

Also remove the voting-option ... it just take one player to ruin the boat ... and by that the coop ... since they wont be able to repair the boat in resonable time.

Since deputies can upgrade the boat it might also be an idea to remove auto-promotions of new members for small coops.  


  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,760
    I 100% agree with this... the village boat is a nightmare and should only be upgraded with caution as you need to be prepared to be able to fulfill the boats needs as they are outrageous  the more you upgrade it.

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  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,903
    Maybe a tad late but there is some information on the "Adventure's boat" better known as the Jetty
    I'm sure if you take a look here & use the sub-menu to select "upgrades" it shows you the difference.
    But you can count on the repairs being 1.5 times more. Example one need 1000 bamboo for the repair of a level 1 Jetty. A level 2 Jetty would need some where around 1500 bamboo to do the same repair.

  • Terra1111 (US1)Terra1111 (US1) US1 Posts: 48
    We have had our Jetty upgraded twice.  Both times we just let it go unrepaired until the upgrade went away and the boat was back to Level 1.  And then it became do-able again.  
  • how do we tell when the village boat is coming or going?

    The Laurel @ us 1
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,903
    edited 04.02.2020
    how do we tell when the village boat is coming or going?

    at this time one can't check
     our's seems to be stuck at dock, repaired & has been for what seems to be longer than the max 6 hours?
    Hopefully that will be a part of the planned update/hot fix due some time tomorrow ;)

  • Moliugas (LT1)Moliugas (LT1) LT1 Posts: 149
    Jetty leaves dock always on the same time, twice on a day 00:00 CET and 12:00 CET.
    Just coming time is different and it depends on Jettys hull repair percentage when it left dock the last time. The more percentage is repaired, the earlier its coming back to the dock.
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