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Carnival Horse Season Challenges

I am experiencing a ridiculous amount of frustration and disappointment with the current horse season. My horse is a 105 rank and I am loosing way too many challenges. I understand this game isn't set up for fairness and doing right by it's players and I do take the responsibility of continuing to play. Having that said, I still have to wonder how it is that my horse looses against way lower ranked horses over and over again? I lost 8 challenges in a row with horses ranked 0 - 43. I've also noticed that after training, the game is resetting my challenging horse to a much lower ranked one of my other horses. I have to continue to recheck the box for it to use highest ranking horse. I can only hope that GGS will someday care about perhaps doing things better for us people who do love the game in spite of it's many short comings. I don't mind some challenges, in fact I welcome them but...this obvious disregard to some integrity for the players is really very disappointing and frustrating for sure.


  • janflipflo (GB1)janflipflo (GB1) GB1 Posts: 324
    Me too, i'm level 82 and lost to a level 0 ??  My odds for winning was 100% haahaa :(
  • DebRN (US1)DebRN (US1) US1 Posts: 694
    It has happened to me a lot in the past 2 months as well... how can I lose to such a low player sooo many times in a row?  Odds shouldn't be that bad!
  • Agreed. I think it is accurate to say that most of us just want it to be fair. This constant being set up for failure is just not right. Games are suppose to be fun, not so disappointing and frustrating.
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,760
    the horse racing seems to be a joke.... agree with all above!!!! there is no rhyme or reason to it. :(

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