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I am so bored !!!

Same events, same people hammering me all the time in the said same events..time for a new event

Just imagine an event that was fun...that made you want to spend money on it...an event that had some strategy to it instead of just spending money.  That would be so nice but ofcourse I am just dreaming.

I do love my farm and I do love the coop I am in but I am just so bored with the same old same old some days I just find it really hard to login.   :(


  • Fallen (INT1)Fallen (INT1) INT1 Posts: 400
    When watching water evaporate or paint dry becomes more fun then it's time to find a new game.
  • Ghost rider (GB1)Ghost rider (GB1) GB1 Posts: 294
    Waits for Big Farm 2 :D 
  • mutterkjær (SKN1)mutterkjær (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 344
    I agree. I am bored as well. The Global and the Farmer League both have the function as meta-events - overruling the single events. It has become more important to get the daily medal or the next award in the Global, than it is to do well in the single event. NOT to say, that these two meta-events, forces some of us to do events we don´t want to participate in. Let´s get back to something enjoyable :smile:  
  • sue1 (AU1)sue1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 190
    I was thinking back to the missions the way they used to be when dinosaurs walked the earth... :)  Varied times and goods required.....You could choose which mission you wanted to do.....prepare for the mission then start it and fight it out to the death with everything you had. - so much more fun than this corn, alfalfa, flower ruta slog that we have now.

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