Northern Lights Farm wheel of fortune not giving deco

I have been running the Northern Lights Farm wheel of fortune and have so far won 2 decos. Neither of them have appeared in my inventory. I have cleared, refreshed, etc and nothing.


  • lambcake (US1)lambcake (US1) Posts: 330US1
    Just won 2 decos on Northern Lights WoF and did not get them.
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) Posts: 2,503US1
    Yep, same here!! posted in the reg. discussion thread!!! done the same thing cleared refreshed etc. :(((

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  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) Posts: 232SKN1
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    I won at least 6 decos from the head round spins in the Northern lights wheel of fortune and had none of them to my inventory.

    The wheel is NOT GIVING DECOS..fix that
  • lambcake (US1)lambcake (US1) Posts: 330US1
    I didn't get mine either. Guess I shouldn't be so suprised
  • marywisc (US1)marywisc (US1) Posts: 175US1
    Same happened to me, I put in a ticket.

    I hope it gets fixed soon.
  • FuzzyBearFuzzyBear Posts: 128Moderator, ModGreen

  • Ditto. Won one of each, didn't receive either.
    I really should start checking the forums beforehand... -___-
    AndyTwobeats @ skn 1
  • Ladyoz (US1)Ladyoz (US1) Posts: 128US1
    Same here. 
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) Posts: 1,590AU1
    Am holding off the rest of my spins until this is fixed.
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) Posts: 232SKN1
    This is a temporary farm so please give us our missing decos fast!!!
  • barb24 (AU1)barb24 (AU1) Posts: 21AU1
    Yes This is a really big loss, didn't receive two, plus not getting the cult stone reward is not good.
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) Posts: 1,590AU1
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    I hadn't noticed not getting the cult stone. The game may be getting confused with the Viking Farm and putting the decor into the Viking Farm inventory which is not active. If this is the case, then all they have to do is run an update to transfer them. If this also includes getting stuff still in our inventory from when we did the Viking Farm, then I would call that compensation.

    Are we getting the other stuff such as feed and humus, has anyone noticed? We are at least getting the temp farm dollars.
  • I also sent in a ticket. Happened 2 x today. I like those high valued decos.
  • I also won 3 decorations and none of them appeared in my storage.
  • SophieLo (US1)SophieLo (US1) Posts: 23US1
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    DITTO all the above..........AND also did not get the cult stone that was "given" at the beginning
  • Anubis (AU1)Anubis (AU1) Posts: 10AU1
    Hi All I have also not received 2 deco's from the wheel and also one deco from completing something, forget what, it showed up as dropping but nothing in drop box. Hope this is fixed soon. 
  • barb24 (AU1)barb24 (AU1) Posts: 21AU1

    Are we getting the other stuff such as feed and humus, has anyone noticed? We are at least getting the temp farm dollars.
    Yes. It's just the deco's.
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) Posts: 1,590AU1

    Are we getting the other stuff such as feed and humus, has anyone noticed? We are at least getting the temp farm dollars.
    Yes. It's just the deco's.
    Thx for that answer. :)
  • nanna12 (US1)nanna12 (US1) Posts: 11US1
    I have a same problem. Won 3 decorations and got nothing back. Not happy at all. 
  • eug1 (NL1)eug1 (NL1) Posts: 11,420NL1
    I am missing a few deco's too. And I have to pay much more dollars, because I can"t improve the happiness.
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  • Yes same here won three decorations have not received any of them
     not happy at all    :/
  • aok (US1)aok (US1) Posts: 14US1
    Adding my voice to the chorus.  I play on two servers, US1 and AUS1 (Australia).  So far, the running total of NLfarm deco missing is:
    US1=1 cult stone for task completion
    AUS1=1 cult stone for task completion; 2 workbench decos from WOF, along with 800 flax (?).  The flax doesn't make sense, everything else but decos have shown up in my inventory. 
    Hey group--should I file individual "tickets" for each, or is this good enough to post here?  TIA.
    AOK (US1)
  • Me too missing decos from NL farm Playing on GB1.

  • Same here on HU servers.
  • RowdyRacRowdyRac Posts: 1,188Moderator, ModGreen
    There is a hotfix planned for today for this problem.
    It is not clear yet what will happen regarding the decos already "lost"/not received up till this point.
    We'll keep you updated as we get news.
  • Magic (AU1)Magic (AU1) Posts: 43AU1
    After spinning the Northern Lights farm's Wheel of Fortune, the decorations I won are not credited to my drop box.

  • AndyTwobeats (SKN1)AndyTwobeats (SKN1) Posts: 103SKN1
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    Is the hotfix complete?
    I have the stone deco from the early Viking farm task, but still don't have either of the Wheel of Fortune decos I won...
    Or from that announcement, does that mean we're getting a reward package instead of the decos?
    I'd have to use more coins to try and get the decos again, but they would be given out properly now?...
     Sorry, I'm confused.
    AndyTwobeats @ skn 1
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) Posts: 1,590AU1
    Just spun the wheel, it works from now on. Compensation will come later.
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) Posts: 232SKN1
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    I am not a gold buyer, and I have only limited amount of game tokens to spin the wheel. Now I heard we will be compensated for the lost northern lights farm wheel decos. I had enough of those good decos to my whole temporary farm, but now I heard we won't get them. I have no more tokens to spin. So If you compensate us in a way that is something else than good decos for our farm I will lose a lot. I cannot get those decos anymore. I lose dollars, space and everything in my northern lights farm. 

    Add there the thing that a lot of players got extra points for the northern lights farm and that is really unfair to us. 

    Compensate so that we would be there where we would have been with our decos. Give us extra happiness so that it covers the situation. And I mean fully built farm.

    Above is my last fully built viking farm, you can see where I was (happiness and the decos, no space left), give me this situation, I had the decos for this northern lights farm too after spinning. And in the final placements I was at the 4th place so I'm not kidding.
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