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In-game Messaging

Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
Lately, there has been much confusion as to who or what the name is of the one sending messages.  Sometimes some have gotten messages from someone whose name is near identical to someone in their coop only to find out that it was not who they thought.  This can be jarring to the reader who thinks they are getting a message from a friend, but find out it was some stranger.  

Solution:  Modify the message box to include not only the sender's name but also their Level.  

For instance someone named Silly level 450 would not be confused with someone named Silly level 15 (spelled S - lower case i - Upper case i - Upper Case  i - y).  The game system knows that these are two different farmers, but the reader most likely won't know that.  So if the farmer level were included automatically when one sends someone a message, the reader can quickly identify the sender.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.


  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    The problem is proof and my solution would provide proof so that the wrong person is not punished.
  • there has been plenty of proof they are there just to cause problems, screens shot of messages sent to GGS and support of messages sent by these players.

  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    the screenshots can not be discerned as to who is the real one versus the clone.  When the Team sees these screenshots there is no way they can know who is who because (as in my example) the real person "Silly" who is high level looks like Silly low level (spelled Si-capital i capital i lower case L y) so it appears also to be "Silly".  The team as well as recipients of messages appear to be from one knows for sure just who sent the message (clone vs real farmer) or who sent in screenshots.  That is why it is important for the level be annotated along with the message sender's name.
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) Posts: 1,022US1
    i like this idea i have had problems for years telling some players apart because there names are close. but not even like you are saying. i mean even like farmer irissa and farmer safire. those are made up names by the way. i always have to stop and go look at the members list to see which level they are to kind of rember who they are. that might just be a problem i personally have,because i know all brains work differently. could be because i have been playing a long time and am bad with seeing there name and player level i rember who they are better. and i cant see how adding there player level to the code could be that hard to do. but would really 
    help. not everyone is a clone or made up account. some just have picked the same name because they liked that name. there are level 300s with very similar names that give me a lot of trouble. so i for one think adding player level would help. 
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    Thank you for your comment ijrosh. I just hope that the Team will like the idea too!  It will sure save a lot of confusion.   <3 o:)
  • CIi (AU1)CIi (AU1) Posts: 1AU1
    I wish it would get implemented and quickly!
  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    edited 21.10.2019
    The above is a level 18 Cii (when typed this way reads as Cli)  I am level 214, but I bet that The Team can not discern just by looking at the posts that these are two different people. The above Cii used the same photo (uncropped) that I used in my picture profile.  I may need to change my profile picture to not have other readers be confused as to who is who. 
    I did change my picture profile to hopefully prevent confusion from the forum readers.  This photo is not from public domain, but an actual photo that I took during my walk in the park some years ago.
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  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) Posts: 223AU1
    Actually if someone looks at the profile of both of these 2 posts you can see that 1 joined today at 03.57 & has 1 post to their name, whilst the other joined the forum back in 2016 & has 140 posts to their name.

    I can not understand why GGS can't do something to stop these clone/imposter farms from causing problems on the AU1 server. They need to be removed/banned

    There are about 6 or 7 clone/imposter farms on our server that has been causing all sorts of problems for the original player's farms & for other ppl that they have been sending nasty messages too & without the level of the player showing on these msg's it is impossible to know who is who.

    These cloned/imposter farms have even started up their own co-op

    GGS needs to stop someone new registering a new farm with just a very slight change to an existing player.

    So far GGS doesn't seem to care about these poor players that have been targeted & suffering at the hands of the cloned/imposter farms, as no action to remove the cloned/imposters has been forthcoming.

    This has been going on now for several months & is a very sad situation :'(
  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    Agreed,  It is even sadder when the Team bans the wrong farm simply because the name looks identical.  I am hoping to help the Team devise a way to identify who is who by suggesting this idea.  I am not sure how often the Team or the Mod/Dev in charge of this "Suggestion" area has time to read all the different suggestions that folks put to them. But I do sure hope they are reading this suggestion and devising a plan on how to implement my suggestion.
  • Byron Longford (AU1)Byron Longford (AU1) Posts: 2,393AU1
    edited 21.10.2019
    there are a LOT more than 6 or 7 @carjola (AU1)  I myself have found 13 and there would be more I have not found, there are 7 in 1 co op they started without any others that I found. 

  • Cli (AU1)Cli (AU1) Posts: 143AU1
    Just to set the record straight.  I started this suggestion to the GGS Team in order to identify and make some needed changes in the "in-game message" system.  It is not my intention to make this a place to do "finger-pointing", to name names or coops that are taking advantage of the current system.  Let's not go to blaming the team either, let's help them want to make the changes for us all.  Thank you.
  • kum (AU1)kum (AU1) Posts: 8AU1
    I think my forum acct has been hacked cus there is a post I did not write...what do I do about that ? 
  • kum (AU1)kum (AU1) Posts: 8AU1
    Maybe shows now I have made 3 post the other "clone" I guess, made that one post...sure wish Byron & Cli they would do away with these irritants !

    When they grow tired of us and come after GGS I hope it will not be to late  : (
  • FarmerCli (US1)FarmerCli (US1) Posts: 1,869US1
    edited 21.10.2019
    Have patience, my friend. If this suggestion does get implemented, then there will be no secrets hidden from farmers or from the Team.  All will be plain for the readers of messages to see who is who.
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