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Great dissapointment

I am very disappointed in the treatment of people who get upset with hackers so we get banned yet these hackers can run riot & NOT get touched were is justice in this game PLEASE do something ASAP I will probably be BANNED for daring to speak out & the hackers will be left to run riot DO SOMETHING PLEASE NOW
Prez @ au 1


  • chami (AU1)chami (AU1) AU1 Posts: 43
    True that :( disappointed about the way things are going on, still we didn't get any positive feedback for the lost of charmed veggies (AU) co-op, someone hacked it on 3rd Oct. and still we are waiting for a solution. FL was a mess too and distributed medals in a wrong way yesterday (6th Oct.) 
  • sue1 (AU1)sue1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 190
    I'm with you Prez. It is completely out of hand and very distressing to some coops

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