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Hard Worker Event - "No Pain, No Gain" [Regular Version]



  • artful (US1)artful (US1) Posts: 6,055US1
    Timer  is showing nothing, and counter is at zero. Crate just moved to apples. Loaded up with apples. Still at zero. Refreshed. Crate moved to cabbage and still no points or time showing. What in blue blazes is going on with the game??????????

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  • Byron Longford (AU1)Byron Longford (AU1) Posts: 2,385AU1
    edited 05.10.2019
    as I expected this is total #$%^^^,  medals were given to those who had not started event.  What a load of horse manure,  this NEEDS to be FIXED NOW.  As can be seen from my before and after screen shots this is totally messed up.  person who won last time started just before change of day, can be seen down in 8th.  Wascally was given to load of crap info saying you had to start to get medals  If that was the case 5th should have gotten gold and 6th silver, 7th bronze and 8th glass, this is NOT the case.  As these were the only players who started before medals awarded. Visual display error my BUTT.

    This event needs to be ended, medals take away from this event and start FHWE until fixed

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  • Nothing changed. the player who was in the ranking from my mate on the first place is still there AND recived a gold medal.

    Great work,but it is only optical. At least that is the excuse given. So at the end we are still playing a blind all-in game.

    Another reason to stop this event untill this cripple horse can walk normal again
  • Sanic (AU1)Sanic (AU1) Posts: 51AU1
    nup ....medals in .....those that were smart and posted nothing could end up with medals by default based on last HWE.   Thats a bugger.
    Sanic @ au 1
  • xAlleycatx (AU1)xAlleycatx (AU1) Posts: 72AU1
    edited 05.10.2019
    Well I foolishly started the event since @WascallyWabbit said it was a visual issue. Went from 1st to last as I started harvesting. One other player was actually harvesting items. I finished in 7th place, when it should have been a silver medal, the other players who never started finished in 1st-5th!

    Reptile aficionado, vegan, a voice for those who cannot speak
  • Norge (GB1)Norge (GB1) Posts: 90GB1
    edited 05.10.2019
    Vittu Perkele :disappointed:
    If i knew i wouldnt start working it, last funnel i was first with almost 4 million points and second had 1.7m :disappointed:
    Now im first from active but got medal as being 3d :) GGS u can put ur medals deep deep inside ur server :)

  • Dolphin (AU1)Dolphin (AU1) Posts: 115AU1
    Wishing I did not get online before change of day. Would have had my points too.

    Dolphin @ au 1
  • Hi everyone, 

    Just to confirm what some of you have already noticed, if you have not yet started the HWE,  the FL will be showing your score from the previous HWE, this will reset when you start the current event. However the points shown in the divisions could just be a visual issue & if you wish to earn medals you will need to start the current event.
    Its not an visual error.
  • I woke up this morning and checked Farmers League which failed to begin yesterday ,  only to find I am in 9th place in league 490,000 behind top 3 ,  but when I checked hard worker event those listed are not even on table and !st p[lace is only about 160,000.  What gives ?
    To make maters worse they collected the Farmers League top awards this morning  ,  nothing against those players  but game is really starting to disappoint me.
  • So this is not good enough - I got a bronzemedal, but I have earned a goldmedal for todays efforts. I am sorry, but couldn´t find out how to hide the names - sorry

  • Dagi (IN1)Dagi (IN1) Posts: 10IN1
    edited 06.10.2019
    То, что требовалось доказать, компьютер не умеет думать, так как он был запрограммирован, так и будет. Те, кто не играл в башню, получают золото и серебро, я получаю бронзу за 1-е место в башне

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  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) Posts: 770SKN1
    That issss a bugger. hmm but in my group all started playing and heh I managed to get the gold medal. Would be awfull after using so much time, gold and humus aso if the event gets scrapped and restarted :( 

    If a restart then I do want my gold aso back! hmm and the gold medal I worked so hard to get would be heartbreaking to loose. Very first gold medal for me this round.

    *sigh* not a happy me atm, no.

  • Judy (AU1)Judy (AU1) Posts: 34AU1
    edited 05.10.2019
    Wascally Wabbit you are wrong its not visual. I got a glass medal for coming 4th. So that means the person up top will get all the gold medals for doing nothing just cos they had a big score last time. Not happy.
  • Abeace (US1)Abeace (US1) Posts: 31US1
    How did players go from not scoring at all win the gold medal in FL?   Also how did they know not to score till after medals were awarded?
    This happened in too many personal groupings. Had to be some kinda of knowledge? 
  • was awarded the incorrect medal. There are still 5 people not active yet, and they got the top medals
    holidayrox @ us 1
  • buz (AU1)buz (AU1) Posts: 2AU1
    I started the Hard Worker this a.m NZ time.My score was put back to zero,others in my league who did not start yet have kept their previous point score.I was in gold position but have been awarded a wood medal.Those that did not start have been given medals based on their previous scores.This is unfair to do the work and not be correctly rewarded.
  • Being the weekend this prob won't be fixed for 2 days.  2 days too late.  Time and time again, I say there should always be at least skeleton staff on for when these things occur.

  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) Posts: 970GB1
    I believe that the points from the last Event have carried over to the new event???   If you happen to post your own score resets to zero, but the people who do nothing keep theirs and may end up winning medals by virtue of any score they had .
    Exactly, but do ggs care NO
  • Same deal in our coop.  People who actually played were put in 7th or 8th or 9th place.  People who never started had millions of points.  I had the same thing where I logged on and had 1.2 million points before I started.  But dumbly, I started the HWE and was put into 9th place.  People who never logged on  today got gold medals without doing anything.
  • Sarsha (AU1)Sarsha (AU1) Posts: 1AU1
    I am in the same situation. How does GG consider this fair play to award players for not playing, over those that have gone to the effort playing after the big stuff up of starting the event. 
  • So, the last place players in the last HWE placed first, second and third in this one, because they DID NOT log in and kept their scores from the last one?  I am done for a while with you people.  I worked hard to get up there.  And, those slackers got the medals?  Nice////////// 
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