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Pleasure Park Event

I would like to suggest a couple of changes to this event.  If these changes could be implemented then I would be more likely to participate.  As it is now, I just ignore the event and don't play it.

Change 1:  Make it so that when I am at the Pleasure Park that I can do outline view for that area only.  In other words, the outline view only affects the farm in which the outline view was initiated, so that when I need to harvest items for the carts in my other farms they are not in outline mode.  Having to turn on and off the outline view mode is a real inconvenience.

Change 2: Make it so that the quantities required do not exceed our barn capacity.  In other words do not let the cart's requirement for filling be 12000 apples when our barns only hold a maximum of 4350 apples. Having to go back and forth to harvest, then to the pleasure park to give those 4350 apples and then go back to the farm to harvest more apples, and so forth.  It is all way too inconvenient for me.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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  • Change 2: Maybe an option ... if you want to use what you have in your barn or keep filling it to get max capacity for stall's. Since the number of products you put in a stall affects how long the stall will be running.
  • FarmerCli (US1)FarmerCli (US1) Posts: 1,871US1
    I just don't like the having to go back and forth all the time and so until they make changes to smooth out the event, you all have one less competitor to contend with.   o:)
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  • lol ;-)  ... me neither ... so i really like your suggestions
  • FarmerCli (US1)FarmerCli (US1) Posts: 1,871US1
    Thanks   o:)
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  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) Posts: 1,455US1
    edited 25.08.2019
    I would like less requirements of products all together, and I would like to be able to load those buildings with the required items from right there.  Meaning, not having to move back and forth from farm to farm.  If I need to collect something from a farm to add to a building I want to be able to do it from right there.

    I played once more when I had 1/2 time, but I won't be playing again until some changes are made to this event.  It requires far too much to make it worthwhile, and the time involved is too much as well.

  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) Posts: 1,474US1
    Agree with these suggestions. Need to be able to fill stalls at the farms while harvesting.
    I'd also add a suggestion to be able to open the PP from the farms parking lot without actually taking me to the Pleasure Park; sometimes I just want to see how I'm doing...
    Also would like if they'd make the the Pleasure Park sizing the same as the other farms; going back to my other farms magnified drives me insane.
    MRG1  (US1)
    Former avid player... and long-time Outlander fanatic

  • I love PP as it is,
    1.  only 2 suggestion I have is that there should be another choice of prizes for Citrus.  I would love to see the same but in a Olive version.  I now have all the Majestic Citrus I  need, so no use doing this event any more. 

    2.  Hard work rewards need to be adjusted, The mansion is way out of reach  even half of what they ask is very hard to do.  I have won on AU server a few times and not even close

     Please consider this GGS @WascallyWabbit

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