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  • 24k gold...just not worth it at all. Plus the cost of gold to stay at the top of your league? nah.
  • @PCA (GB1) I suspect that you are right, buying a pass probably would make you feel like you needed to compete in events that you may not normally play, both to get your money's worth for the pass &, as you say, to chase the gold medals. I have not bought one myself, as I know I am less active than usual, so didn`t think it was worth it, but I am interested to see how much the price goes down, as it has not moved very much yet.

    Has anyone noticed their opponents in the FL changing?  When the CC started I looked to see who was in my group & was surprised to see such low level players, names I did not recognise. I don`t know when it changed, by within a couple of hours I was with a whole different set of players, much closer to my level & all familiar names. I thought the groups only changed when the event changed, not seen it change during an event before or maybe I just didn`t notice.
  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,122
    There is a real world out there guys , dont waste your life clicking

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,815
    Gold medals are overrated

    Averaging decent results, will do great results :)

  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,723
    edited 17.08.2019
    but you need at least 1 gold and the groups I was getting put with this was not even close as golders would just gold gold gold and I would get silver, silver, silver. no golds to get final season reward of 6k.  If did not need 1 gold medal to get season reward I would totally agree with you.  But GGS has given me easy decision, gold to get a gold medal or sit out 1 event and no gold required to get 4 gold medals at least. First event I was put in group where 4 players each got over 5 M points.  Top 2 players were way over 10 M, making the sit out the correct decision. 

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,815
    If that strategy choice, fits what you wanted and worked

    Then its great :)

  • your welcome
    in first event i made around 15k diamond well that one had free season pass but in this one who know 
  • People will buy the pass, people wont buy the pass - its up to them at the end of it all.

    I did buy it, but no, it wont make me play harder etc., for me its a bit of a safety net.  If I can get some extra rewards by taking a second place silver rather than a gold then that works well for me.  Means I can save precious resources like seaweed for times I really need it, rather than putting in it when I dont, just to chase gold medals.

    It will likely be the one any only time I by it though - once I have an apartment on all 3 of my farms, the upgrades will come in time and are not as important.

    The cost was horrible yes, but at less than one seaweed humus a day I saw it as worth doing once - but as I said before likely only once!  If they ever make it 'event passes' that would change my thinking entirely.

  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,122
    Season pass needs name changing to monthly subscription you are false advertising your sales pitch it is not for a season !


    I had to show this. After CHWE i was very interesting about another mixing of groups. Till this i got 3 bronze medals with prety competitive oponents and now i am leading this enormous way. It is almost ridiculous. I think that FL is not supreme event but you could win some nice awards for little work over standard in time. 
    But it is true that GGs is bombing us with events last months we dont even time for break :)
    White- Trees   LEFTFLANK @ sk
  • LaBelleBC (US1)LaBelleBC (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    This whole Farmer League has me confused, I was in gold for the first time it started, Always in bronze or lower, I got my gold achievement ..the next round I was placed in a different group and have been in 8th place no matter what I do! .. :(  the person in First as over 3 MILLION? I am barely a 100,000 .. I don't need to win all the time but I am at an unfair advantage. it sucks! .. 
  • BlueZilver (GB1)BlueZilver (GB1) GB1 Posts: 192
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  • uksharon (GB1) said:
    Why do i have to play in the same league as my coop players, why not against some other players, yes it is unfair in more ways the one i shall be ignoring it from now on, GGS certainly know how to spoil a game !!

    @uksharon (GB1) I am not sure that there is a totally fair way to do it, (just like the never ending debate on the selections for Missions). If you have a large coop of high ranking players & the divisions appear to be (for the most part) based on player levels, it is inevitable that you will be grouped with some of your coop-mates.  If they changed it to mix up the levels more, we would be getting lower level players complaining that it is unfair, because they are against high level players, that they cannot possibly beat. At least the groups change for each event, but you probably just move to a group with a different coop mate in it.

    Feel free to suggest better (realistic) ways to match up the groups & we will pass them on the team. :)

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  • sally2016 (GB1)sally2016 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 39
    If that is the case (WascallyWabbit post 8.38), please explain how 9 players in this FL challenge are so mixed. Levels are  555 - 450 - 406 - 380 - 348 - 285 - 275 - 266 - 250.  It was also very mixed in the 1st ever FL.
    There are 2 large coops, soon to be 3, who have competed in the ML.  These coops have an advantage over the rest of us with the monument, of course they should play each other. Why are we being constantly pitched against them in all coop events.  I am in a small, very friendly coop, like many others, and would like to work our way up FAIRLY  through the ranks, but at present the game has failed dismally.  I can hear just the groans, join a big coop etc etc etc.  NO, been there, worn the Tshirt. Happy where I am, just want to see a fairer game being played.
  • TMKC (IN1)TMKC (IN1) IN1 Posts: 939
    In my co-op when most of us are in the same league, we mutually decide to get equal number of gold medals ...

  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8,398
    My experience in last FL was that I was on holiday during the HWE and therefor scored very,very little.
    The next event i was put in a league with players much weaker than me and won my gold medal.
    (I'm hoping that this one works the same cos' I've done nowt better than bronze so far lol)

  • sally2016 (GB1)sally2016 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 39
    You were very very lucky Uncle John, I have been placed in all FL divisions with Higher level players everytime. The highest medal rewarded is bronze.   Perhaps some of your luck will pass my way :)
  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,122
    BlueZilver (GB1) Posts: 114 i would just like to ask who you where throwing the community guidelines at ?? as i could not see any reason why you needed to post a link to them.

  • The current system is just wrong.  

    In my division this time: Levels : 797, 374, 287, 264, 231, 215, 210, 192 and 21.  

    There is no way on this planet a level 21 player is going to get anywhere near as many rp's as a level 797 - its never going to happen, so saying 'of similar skill level' cant be right.

    Its also wrong to place team-mates in the same division - last time 3 out of 9 were from our co-op.

    Maybe sorting us out by levels in 50's or 100's (ie level 1 - 59, 50 - 99, etc) then by co-op name, so one from a co-op starting with a, one with a co-op starting with b and so on.  OK, there might be the odd one of two where people end up together, but I think it would be less than it is currently.

  • BlueZilver (GB1)BlueZilver (GB1) GB1 Posts: 192
    Returning to the 'old way' where we are sorted by lv wont solve anything ... it will just be the same players/coops who end up winning everything as usual.

    And the rewards would have to change to so high-lv gets good rewards and low-lv not so good ... and it would then take longer time to collect diamonds if you're low-lv.

    So even if we're sorted by lv's there would still be a lot more players having trouble getting 1 gold medal. 

    Give this event a chance ... let it run 3-4 times ... im sure ggs are collecting information so they can see how the medals are distributed.

    Or do as i suggested: give points-compesation for missing lv  ;-)

  • LaBelleBC (US1)LaBelleBC (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    wow..how can someone have over 5 million? I was put in a group and ended up in 8th place, the first place person has well over 5 million??. how? .. this just isn't fair. :(  
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8,398
    @farmer sherj 
    I would be interested to know what sort of group you were in after coming 8th. Were you more evenly matched ?

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,815
    There's really a lot of factors that are included in the balance

    First it depends on the event

    For HW , some lower levels are even advantaged over higher levels, last FL, a level 45 crushed us all the way

    For CHW , lower level, but being part of a coop with high boosters can be good

    For CC , obviously its more difficult for lower levels, but even there, you could save tokens, and play the wheel a bit

    For Village fair, obviously larger coops are better , and higher level too

    and for FHW , yes fully upgraded trawlers are an advantage, but u can get em up to level 6 as soon as level 150

    So all in all, it seems fairly balanced

    Sometimes, u get good matching, sometimes bad matching

    If you expect to win every division, it would'nt make sense

    There is 9 players in a division, and only 1 winner :)

  • If not for the need to have a gold medal for season rewards and the outrageous cost for season pass, FL would have been a great event.  2 very simple things to ruin the whole new event.

  • PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) GB1 Posts: 839
    @Byron Longford (AU1)

    they didnt ruin anything, ggs designed the event for themselves not for players and it's working perfectly, ggs has designed another couple ways to sell players something for gold, some will buy. We players are delusional and thought / hoped they had designed something fun, but it never was intended

    It's as if a company was going to open a new store somewhere to bring in more revenues, people enter look and buy


  • @PCA (GB1)  if they had opened new store, they would be getting money from new customers (start totally new game), this is like bringing in new product into old store and telling us it is great and some people believing the advertising they see on TV instead of seeing it for what it really is.    :smiley:

  • iron maiden (INT1)iron maiden (INT1) INT1 Posts: 240
    Amazing Murphy. Something is very wrong with the pairing. A level21 player cannot end up with a 797 player.

    But EXXY explained as a co-worker of GGS that this is normal and fair. Well it is not FAIR. 

    Writing reasons about different events,i don,t care about the other events.Neither that level 21 player cares about the other events. We are talking about THIS event. I know i may sound negative,but at least i don,t try to talk straight was is as curved as a hairpin in a mountainroad.

    And i do recived letter from players thee are thinking the same,but cannot put it on paper.

    This event is a fair as a $3.52 note is real. Nothing more to say about that. And i feel veery sorry for those lower level players whoom are scr.wed by a non good working system during a event
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