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Fishing Hard Worker Event



  • Sabbel (US1)Sabbel (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    I have the same issue and have submitted a ticket, but have not yet heard back from them.
  • Yorg (BG1)Yorg (BG1) BG1 Posts: 78
    edited 06.08.2019
    The mistakes don't stop. I am in two charts, but only from the small I get awards.
    WONDERS !!!!
  • Yorg (BG1)Yorg (BG1) BG1 Posts: 78
    The mistakes don't stop. I am in two charts, but only from the small I get awards.
    WONDERS !!!!
  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    Some of my coop members have the same issue.
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  • When Fishing HWE started it put me and others in the wrong lvl group. ran that way for the first 24hrs. I believe at 4am  8/6/2019 central time USA  it updated time left of 1 day in silo. it regrouped us correctly but took all of our points. but some players got mega points added to there score. I was first in 36-45  then was correctly put into 26-35 lvl but in doing so it erased all my points. knocked me from 9th to last place at my lvl.  0 points.   Also it has kept me from winning anymore prizes given for points.  at least 2 others in my group it happened also while others in our CO-op gained mega rank and points. I think they should restart the whole fishing  HWE and give out all first place prizes and gold if any that was spent.
  • emmit69 (GB1)emmit69 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 15
    Yep,some folk are in both leagues, the 56=999 and also the 55 and under,do they get double prizes while some of us have been robbed of any chance?
  • Tassawan (INT1)Tassawan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 72
    I need oysters to start my hard worker event. They have not been available to catch for over a day. Its not like organic hard worker event where you can control the item it requires. There should be some kind of formula in order to get the necessary seafood for the fishing hardworker event on demand.
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,987
    edited 07.08.2019
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,606
    yep. another fun event off my list. I just fish for what I can and collect some feed and seed. One less thing to put any effort into. :(

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  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 601
    edited 13.08.2019
    I went from one farm to another and my timer dropped from 9 hours to 6 minutes.
    That's over 259 thousand points uncounted... something is going wrong around here.
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  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    I went from one farm to another and my timer dropped from 7 hours to 6 minutes.
    That's over 259 thousand points uncounted... something is going wrong around here.

    Was it Cod, Swordfish, or Salmon by chance? Those 3 will do that when you hit 10 Points Per Second; they go from 7+ hours (at 8 PPS) to 4 MINUTES (at 10 PPS).

    Lobster is similar, it will go from 39 HOURS (at 9 PPS) to 38 MINUTES (at 10 PPS).

    But since you went to 6 minutes, it was probably Cod, Swordfish or Salmon. 

    You have to be really careful with those 4 above fish types.

    As far as not seeing it on the silo until you change farms, the counter & timer that appears over the silo when you mouse-over it has been screwy for ages. I don't trust what it says at all, I wind up opening the silo and looking at the actual gauge.

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  • harvestmoonn (INT1)harvestmoonn (INT1) INT1 Posts: 851
    edited 07.08.2019
    i locked at herring and not gona change it im not gona get gold lis this way but i can makes money from fishing region in normal way hehe 
    in 3 day can get gold lis only if you spend gold but i want that lic for gold not to spend gold on it hehe
  • Vlad2014 (DE1)Vlad2014 (DE1) DE1 Posts: 210
    2 ranking lists???
    both screenshots from today / 10:00 CET
    yesterday after hotfix new list ok - but today equal to 2 lists?

  • Vlad2014 (DE1)Vlad2014 (DE1) DE1 Posts: 210
    screenshot half an hour later ??? Now I'm in a different level group too
    When the event started I was still in level 35, so also in another group

  • iron maiden (INT1)iron maiden (INT1) INT1 Posts: 240
    A friend of me decided NOT to play the FHWE event. The best decision he has made sofar. He has 4 times a day 3 shellfish pools empty out. The contracts flying faster out than comming in so to speak. Yesterday he had over 1100 oysters. Not a bad day on a fishingboat out of a competition
  • Hi Guys,

    That is exactly what happened, some people got moved back to their correct brackets and lost their score, others are still in the wrong brackets. Those that lost out, please contact support.

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  • emmit69 (GB1)emmit69 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 15
    I was hoping for some response from the mods re the right royal mess that ggs made in the current FHWE, nothing yet though
  • Karinkat (US1)Karinkat (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    I can't ever do the fish hard worker event. Every single time, it says "fully fish the ponds to get more variety of fish" or something like that. I have no idea how to do that.
    Karinkat @ us 1
  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 766
    edited 07.08.2019
    that means empty them, so new ones appear in Deep Sea Fishing area

  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,784
    @emmit69 (GB1)  here is the response regarding issue with rankings/levels/groups in the current FHWE which doesn't help with this round obviously: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/comment/4136505/#Comment_4136505

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  • BamaGirl (US1)BamaGirl (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    I caught more fish tonight and my time went down instead of up. I had just over 4 hrs remaining on the current "fish" and now I have 2.5 hrs. I don't get it. I was trying to stay in the top 50, but now I'm afraid I'll drop since it's late and I need sleep.
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,987
    @BamaGirl (US1) More than likely you hit one of the fish that one can not take to a certain level, usually 10, with out loosing a ton of time. It may be a bit late, but for the next time this event FHW comes around. Here's some help 4 you & your fellow co op members ;)

  • archerbob (AU1)archerbob (AU1) AU1 Posts: 531
    edited 08.08.2019
    They changed the ranks it seems, I used to be in a group that was upto level 149, now its 56 - 999 and I cant compete at all.... especially against the serious golder with about one third my levels who get 5 million xp in the event.  I managed up to 13pts/sec and got 1.3 million xp overall for rank 216.... the event instead of starting with the usual oysters started with herring instead, which I was unprepared for.

    I'll be giving this event a miss in future I think as there no real point to do it now...
  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Posts: 995
    edited 09.08.2019
    @artful (US1) As far as we know the change from Oysters to Herring is connected to the removal of the calendar, because by far, the biggest complaint was that the FHWE would be impossible with no advanced warning, as it took so long to prepare for Oysters. Herring is much easier & it will not be randomly changing,  we are told that it will be staying as Herring . As for the other 2 HWE's, the same problem did not exist & the CMs are not aware of any changes being made to them, but they are checking to confirm that.
    @WascallyWabbit ....  And due to "communication changes", it was not possible to let us know they changed the starting crate to herring?

    Way to go, GGS 

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  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 601
    edited 10.08.2019
    Herring can no longer be safely run at 10 points a second, as posted on that page.
    That's what I harvested that made me drop to 6 minutes.

    The drop was from herring; moving from 9 points to 10 points, which is supposed to be allowed.
    Apparently, it has been changed.

    [Posts Merged | Wabbit]
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  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) AU1 Posts: 252
    I had the same thing happen to me with herring moving from 7pps to 8pps. I was on 17hrs plus but when added more to move to 8pps it dropped right down to just over 4hrs, definitely haven't had that happen before.  :(
  • UPDATE: I contacted support and was given the items I would have one once the glitch happened.  Not sure about the scores, but hey I did get 2 extra boats out of it so I am happy!

  • edited 10.08.2019
    @Cookiecutter8 (US1) That's great news, thanks for the update. :)

    @GrammaLeah (US1) @carjola (AU1) That is how it has always worked. - In each point bracket, the more fish you harvest, the longer the time gets, so if you hover your cursor over the silo & it says that you need 63 more fish to the next bracket, 62 fish will get you on the maximum time for that bracket & 63 fish will move you to next bracket, at the minimum amount of time for that bracket. 

    Once you reach the 10 point bracket, there is a huge difference between the number of seconds you get for each fish that you add, depending on the pool they are from, for example you get 108,000 secs per fish for Herring/Tuna, but only 1,440 secs per fish for Swordfish/Salmon/Cod (3,456 secs for Lobsters & 72,000 secs for the other 3 Shellfish) So, while it is true that your time will drop when you move from the top of the 9 point bracket to the bottom of the 10 point bracket, it is still much easier to add more time at 10 points, for Herring/Tuna or Oysters/Clams/Shrimps.

    [Numbers of seconds per fish courtesy of CrazyBigfarm's website]

    EDIT:   Please see Southern's post (below) for corrected numbers of "seconds per fish"
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