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Forum contest - Treasure Hunt



  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    edited 02.08.2019
    thank you :) 
    Can we have the right answers as well
  • Sure :). Interested, are you :)

    Here there are: Hagenbeck, Elephant, McDonalds, D-MDVP. Urquhard, 62126, Kiyomasa well

    I will post explanations some time later, if anyone wants to try to figure out the right answers himself/herself.
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    just wondering about the answer 6, I had a different code, are other answers acceptable too??

    L - 25
    O - 0 
    T - 5
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    Okay, English is not my mother tongue, so I didn't get that the word digit means only numbers 1-9 
    My mistake :)
  • Thank you, and congratulations to all the winners! Some questions were really tough :smile:
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    Oh my, I did not expect to get any prize at all so big thank you for the unexpected, happy surprise wow :smiley:

    Congratulations to all who won prizes.

    Good job to all who participated, it was a tough nut to crack.

    Cheers :smile:

  • rsny (US1)rsny (US1) US1 Posts: 2,294
        Thanks for the contest.  was not easy.

    A little confused about # 2.   I thought elephant but how do you get elephant out of   AELNHRQWTUO

    This must have been a dead end.   lol.  fun anyway.

    Mistake on my name I am on the US1 server. not SKN1

  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 766
    edited 02.08.2019
    Confused about getting elephant out of the code letters too.  I had the bat company, but couldn't find the specific product that fit the code letters.

    Love these kind of contests.  Thanks
  • aaaisshhh, I forget to answer part 2 and part 3,  :'(   I don't see DL

    but Thanks very much @WiseWing
    and congrats to all the Winner  ;)
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    Me too I love these kind of contests too, so fun :DDD and sometimes learning..
    at least now I know what the word digit means :))
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    maybe a little bit easier next time, if I may ask  B)
  • @rsny (US1)  @shazamd (US1) I think that WiseWing is preparing a walkthrough to all the answers, but as far as I know, the Elephants came from the gate. :)
  • rsny (US1)rsny (US1) US1 Posts: 2,294
    Here is what confused me.  I saw the elephants with the lights.

    I could not get elephant out of     AELNHRQWTUO

    So I googled a bunch of stuff and found 
      TRUNQ.  this site has an elephant as a logo.

    Silly me said  aha!

    Alas I was wrong.
      It was a lot of fun anyway  we should do more of these.

  • jwllmsjnb (US1)jwllmsjnb (US1) US1 Posts: 409
    What is D-MDVP?
  • Here is a walkthrough hidden under spoilers, so I do not spoil the fun for those who sill would like to try it:

    Question 1:
    The hint asks you to look for the "place where creatures dwell". This is a hint for a zoo. So you had to find a zoo NE of GGS building in Hamburg. Using google maps you can find place named Hagenbeck.  

    Question 2:
    Easiest way to find the gate is to look for Hagenbeck on google maps and you will see the picture of the gate open in the upper left corner. OR you can do it the hard way and look around Hagenbeck area in google maps for the right gate (one with lot of animals). The hint says "But beware who is carrying a light".  There are lot of animals on a gate, but only elephants have lamps on. So the qlue is "elephant"

    Question 3: 
    You are looking an anagram of Elephant that is at the same tame a transportation. You can use one of anagram solvers on internet or do it yourself: from elephant letters you can make out plane. So you are looking for airport. Even if you did not crack this, you can look at google maps and see that the Hamburg airport is in right direction and place. Search for airport on google maps and again in top left corner you will find a picture from inside the building with a rocket and McDonald restaurant. That is the clue.
    Question 4:
    This one was a bit more tricky. First you have to figure out the plane you are looking for. People that like pizza and pasta are Italians. Italian word for "bat" is pipistrello. The thing that is not welcome by humans and computers is virus. So entering "pipistrello", "virus" and "aircraft" in google search (or at least two out of these three) would lead you to the aircraft "pipistrel virus". You search for it on wikipedia (as text said) and from the picture there write down the registration (as text says). So the answer is D-MDVP.

    Question 5:
    You either search for the picture using picture google search or recognize the hint about the legendary beast (Loch Ness). Search for the Loch Ness and find the name of the castle: Urquhard.

    Question 6:
    You have to do a bit of math. First you solve the T (in TOKIO). As two digits give max 18 (9+9), T has to be 1. Having T,  now you can get O easily (from the last row: T+T=O so O=2). Now back to the first raw: L+L=TO so L+L=12, meaning L is 6. The code is therefore 62126.

    Question 7: 
    Again, a bit of google map search of Tokio. Looking at the center of Tokio there are lot of parks there. You have to look for the right one. One park is named Yoyogi. Yoyo is a toy. and Yogi is the name of the cartoon bear. There is one well inside the park: Kiyomasa.

    And here are the hints how to find story peaces:

  • @jwllmsjnb (US1)
    Please look the post above for explanation

    @rsny (US1)
    You are right. The R on keyboard should be P. As you found a bug in my contest, you will get an badge "Entomologist"
  • rsny (US1)rsny (US1) US1 Posts: 2,294
    I thank you very much.   :)
  • micky mouse (INT1)micky mouse (INT1) INT1 Posts: 107
    Thank you very much.I learnt so many things doing this treasure hunt.
    Congratulation to all the winners and rsny ( US1) for earning the Entomologist Badge.Well done.
  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 611
    Congratulations to the winners.
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