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Communications Changes -- Discussion -- [Events Calendar]



  • sultan6 (INT1)sultan6 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 49
    I have a suggestion
    There is a vote for whoever wants to return the calendar and who does not respond
  • TaMiea (US1)TaMiea (US1) US1 Posts: 3
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    I have a suggestion
    There is a vote for whoever wants to return the calendar and who does not respond
    It is a good thought! Unfortunately and most likely in vain because GGS have made up their mind. If they were interested to hear their customers thoughts then they would have started a voting/hearing all by themself.

    Keep smiling :smile:
  • nola1 (INT1)nola1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 188
    I take full responsibility for our co-op in that I would like to tell GGS that they are stinky and slimy for removing the calendar   :s

    I still don't know why we are being reminded about the CC ?

    I do agree with everything that Summer has had to say, thank you Summer   :)

    Thank you to our moderators, you guys try and do a wondrful job without much support   
  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,174
    Personally, I think this is all about old fashioned greed.

    If we cant plan they are hoping we will spend, spend, spend on gold to play catch up.  I'm sure some will, and in some instances I can see why players would choose to do that - BUT (in caps as its a very big but!) for the vast majority we wont be spending any extra - probably less in fact as the game becomes less and less enjoyable and the harsh reality is it worth spending several hundred gold coins to get one place higher and a reward of another 10 cow feed?

    OK, so we will end up with less rewards/prizes etc., but if we are not going to bother with the events as we cant plan for them does it matter.

    Honest opinion = GGS have well and truly shot themselves in the foot - and its going to take more than a band-aid to fix 

    I have to totally agree with you, the game is growing old anyway, all the fun as been taken away by diluting of prizes, the greed as over taken the game and players are more wiser than GGS gives us credit for.
  • 4 Hearts (US1)4 Hearts (US1) US1 Posts: 51
    I would like to say I really liked having the Event calendar.  It gave me a chance to send an email to the co-op explaining the event, a day or so before it would start, to help new players understand each event.  Please don't take that away. 
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    Anyone knows exactly how much time the timer appeared for CC?

    I've caught it at 24:36 minutes , but i was sleeping

    Did it start higher than that?
  • @Seeker1 (US1)Snce they're gonna rework the DSF, I wonder if any amount of fair notice will help with preparing for future-revised FHWE.   We'll see.  

    New building: Events Center, would be a great idea.   Me likey! B

    I was trying for quotes but messed it up.  I think this is a very good idea, Seeker,  and you're right: if ggs is going to revamp the dsf, we'll see if maybe oysters will become less rare.  Maybe we won't need the calendar to start preparing two weeks in advance.  

    if a calendar is impractical, maybe an events building would work better.
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    I wonder what people think of a full 48 hour kind of countdown like CC's for a few , some , or all events?

    2 days preparation seems okay no?

    I'm only looking for thoughts on that idea
  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,992
    edited 01.07.2019
    FHWE needs at least 1 week notice, some players would like more than that.  All other event I think 48 hrs notice is ok

    Post edited by Dark Underworld (AU1) on
  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,992
    edited 01.07.2019
    I have noticed tho later start time for CC, I am hoping that this means that start time are going to start rotating, lets hope
  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) US1 Posts: 571
    edited 01.07.2019
    With all the chatter about needing days/weeks to prepare for FHWE,
    and with HWE ending in approximately 3 hours from when I post this,
    and with a change in the start time of CC (4 hours later than usual),
    now would be a perfect time for them (GGS) to sneak attack us and start the FHWE after this HWE ends. >:)

  • Heartland (AU1)Heartland (AU1) AU1 Posts: 192
    WascallyWabbit had done a great job in devising the calendar of event and I understand the frustration of keeping it all up to date, especially with all the new events that are bombarding our game play.  But this I say, let there be a modified calendar of events which show the schedule and time lines of: 1) CC; 2) Temp Farms; 3) Horse League; 4) FHWE; 5) Village Fair; 6) CHWE.

    Surely, the Calendar of Events maker can keep track of 6 to maybe 10 events.  Let all the other events "fly by the wayside" and be like a surprise for us: Fishbowl event, Mushroom/Candy/Squash hunting events; Alien/Hawaii/Camping Events; Pleasure Park event; standard HWE; Oktoberfest; WWC event; Shenki School event and other cultural type events.

    In the event that the calendar maker has trouble keeping up with 10 events maybe 5 or 6 events might be all that is needed for us to be happy in our planning processes.  Thank you for considering this suggestion.
    Would've been nice if we knew, in advance, if there is going to be a Jap memory school sheduled during upcoming CC (Where's the pop up???) .. Really NOT HAPPY.. And.. I won't be waiting around BF to see what they will concoct next
  • @Seeker1 (US1) that would be insane, so I guess we should start expecting it to start in 4 hrs...lol
  • @AmazingMurphy (GB1)  you're amazing, you even remembered to mention Lester, my best mate.
  • Hnita (US1)Hnita (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    the viking farm started, no twitter, nothing on fb. Is this the way it is going to be?
  • mazz36 (AU1)mazz36 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1
    Being only a relatively new farmer i was just getting the hang of using the calendar and planning my FHWE's, but as i don't have Facebook or a twit account i guess i will just rely on a community manager to let me know via one of the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany in game pop ups.:) or like everyone else now, we will be online 24/7 to make sure we don't miss a thing, don't miss a thing!
    How narrow minded GGS!!  
    There must be a better way even if the monthly calendar isn't working....

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