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Hey, hey there. Its that time of the year when many countries celebrate mothers day 

(exact date can move a bit from country to country, though)

So here is a nice contest for you.

You have to write a poem following this rules:

1. It has to be a you own work (not copy-paste an existing poem from google or a book)
2. It has to be an appreciation poem or a thank you poem for a mother – your own or mothers in general. It can be serious or funny – but nothing rude or inappropriate.
3. It has to written in a form of Italian sonnet that uses one of the following rhyme patterns (a) ABBA ABBA CDE CDE (b) ABBA ABBA CDC CDC or (c) ABBA CDDC EFG EFG
4. It has to mention at least 3 animals
5. It has to mention a word “mother” at least 5 times
6. It has to mention a word “flowers” or “roses” or combination of both at least 4 times (e.g. you can mention roses 3 times and flowers 1 time).

You have time until Friday noon. You can post the poems in this thread. One entry per person.
The prize budget is 25000 gold.

Good luck!

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  • Hi mother love of my life
    Sweet butterfly that twirls around the flowers
    Sweet bee that feeds me with its pollen to know
    My mother, a red rose for you that you created me with love
    I always feel your sweet scent of jasmine
    Mother light of my eyes
    You always look at me like you were a beautiful and rare orchid
    Mother you are always in my dearest memories
    you and me fall asleep in a field of flowers warmed by the sun
    My mother that day you flew to the sky like a beautiful white dove I lost sight of you
    But you remained close to my heart
    I love you intensely
    Hi mother
    A kiss to all the mothers of the world

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,783
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    Image result for happy mothers day pics

                                             I thank you my ( mother) for all that you have given me, 
                                          you have stood by me ( mother ) through thick and thin and never
                                           strayed away even when we could not let things be. 
                                           The ( flower's ) I have sent over the years have now gone away, 
                                            but those ( roses ) will stay with you in memory each and every day.
                                            I send you  (mother's ) day cards & ( roses ) every single year, 
                                           you also then send me ( mother's ) day cards and  (roses ) back which
                                           makes me happy and brought too my eye a tear.
                                            I have games on my computer one of which is called Big Farm it
                                            let's me build the farm my way with ( Pigs, chicken's, & cow's, )
                                             I even work on my field's without the use of a real plow.
                                              You have seen some of my games  (mother) and was amazed, 
                                              but sometimes when I try to  get things done I feel a bit crazed.
                                                I plant many things in my field's which ( roses) are one of them, 
                                                I thank you mom again for you being you cause your one in a 
                                                  million to me a true gem.

                                                                       Happy Mother's Day !!

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  • Flower Of Heaven

    The light that is in the World is You, Mother
    Provides the warmth of love like a red rose
    Soothing the peace of the soul like a white rose
    Darkness away due to see the sacredness of your heart, Mother

    You walk tirelessly for your children
    wade through obstacles, look for hope
    without asking for a reply from your children
    Mother always gives a smile as proof of love

    Mother became a tiger to protect her children
    be a rose thorn for every Bee that disturbs the family
    become air to breathe their children in the world

    Mother became an eagle to watch over a cruel life
    being a shelter from the darkness like a drop of dew
    being an angel, protecting her child like the flower of heaven

    ** Happy Mother's day to beloved mother and to all mother's in the world  <3;) **
  • tasnim bushra (INT1)tasnim bushra (INT1) INT1 Posts: 53
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    I'm the sparrow,and mother you are the moon
    And  I want to be a night owl so that i can see u all the night forever,
    Mother,You smell like a  rose, you are pretty than a flower
    Mother,You are the light of my sun.

           I want to be a flower like you,in my life 
           Like a sea eagle, i want to fly
           And mother, you are the hope of my life.

    You are the apple of my eye,You are the rose of my life,
    You are the star of the sky
    But first of all you are "The Mother "of mine. <3<3<3

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    Old is gold
  • micky mouse (INT1)micky mouse (INT1) INT1 Posts: 107
    Mother dearest Mother the flowers in your garden
    sweet smelling roses,beautiful roses and flowers of marigold
    are a great wonder to behold,
    which help the heart not to harden.

    Mother dearest Mother creator of Alpaca scarf by hand
    you taught me to quack like a duck
    now I am blessed with luck,
    I feel so wonderful and grand.

    Mother dearest Mother you are my honey bunny
    You make me oh so happy
    Your smile is always sunny.

    Mother dearest Mother you fill my tummy
    So I am never unhappy
    You're sweeter than honey.

  • In the year 1929 my mother was born in the city of Liverpool
    Bess is her name and she came when the roses bloom
    To my grandmother on a Friday 13th June
    Timid as a mouse but stubborn as a mule
    Mother chose to nurse and became a Wren
    With only a bouquet of flowers she married and became a wife
    Four children later and she had a hectic life!
    Wish I had appreciated my mother more back then
    Now I'm a mother and grandmother too I understand
    Her unconditional love and support  and nurturing me
    Means you can take life's up and downs and things unplanned
    No roses for her in this her 90th year I'm sending in the band!
    She has earned the right to sit and chill under a flowering tree
    With 12 grandchildren 5 great we all love you your the best in the land!

  • Sukiyaki (US1)Sukiyaki (US1) US1 Posts: 555

    I grew up on a farm with my lovely mother,

    Raising pigs, chickens, cows, and even a horse,

    Tending gardens of flowers, with roses of course.

    Endless fields we would work, one after another.

    We would milk the cows, just as our mother had taught,

    While mother would water the flowers with hoses,

    giving special attention to beds of red roses,

    Ignoring the tears in her dress where thorns had caught.

    At the end of each day, we were all so tired,

    But mother would still cook us a great big dinner.

    We would eat, then bathe, then off to bed we would go.

    As mother grew older, extra help we had hired,

    An idea we came up with (surely a winner!),

    Now she could sip tea, overlooking her meadow.

  • Rancher Di (US1)Rancher Di (US1) US1 Posts: 37
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    A mother is in all ways abundant.                 

    A mother cat; sleek, clever and agile.           

    A mother dog; fun, loyal and able.                

    A mother owl; wise watchful and patient.      

    A meadow of spring flowers so fragrant.       

    The floral scent of roses bountiful.                 

    Flowers newly blooming and triumphal.         

    Windblown flowers waving in amusement.     

    A mother provides nature's legacy,                  

    In the beating hearts of offspring growing,        

    spreading fledgeling wings wide for all to see.  

    Leaving mother's nest; undefined, carefree,     

    confident, prepared and self supporting.           

    Mother silently, proudly sets them free.            
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  • micky mouse (INT1)micky mouse (INT1) INT1 Posts: 107
    Congratulation to all our poets.Well done. Thank you, Wise Wing.
    To all our mothers ,remember you are all special and precious.Happy Mother Day.
  • congratulations all the winners!!!

    Made by Jonquille6 (FR1)
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 36,127
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    @WiseWing Thanks for the fun and interesting contest, WiseWing. :)  And you generously gave everyone who entered some gold. Sounds like something a mother would do.    <3
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  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,783
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    Thank you kindly, I guess I do not know what Italian Sonnet is then, I thought it meant that My poem had to be in Italic typing, what do I know, congrats to Everyone , :)

    What is the structure of an Italian sonnet? | Study.com


    Italian sonnets have 14 lines and are written in iambic pentameter. They are divided into two sections: the octave and the sestet. The octave of an Italian sonnet consists of the first eight lines of the poem. It follows an ABBAABBA rhyme pattern. The main focus, concern, or topic discussed in the sonnet is introduced in the octave.

    Okay now I know bout it, it had to be so many lines I guess. :)

  • Sukiyaki (US1)Sukiyaki (US1) US1 Posts: 555
    Thanks for the contest, glad I caught this one!
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    Gracias :)

    it was fun! <3

  • aww, Thanks very much @WiseWing ;)

    and Congrats to all the Winner too  ;)
  • Thanks very much @WiseWing   :)
    congratulations to all  <3

  • Thanks alot @WiseWing
    Really delighted..!!

    Congracts all the winners. :smiley:
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