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  • i just want to say on behalf of myself and everybody else that this is not your fault moderators!! we are not angry with you, we are angry at ggs because they won't give us a strait answer and keep lieing to us and we are fed up with it and well, enough has been said already.

    but you are only doing the best that you can do with such incompetent people at HQ. i' still wondering, are there even any incompetent people at HQ at all? maybe they vacated?
  • 23 clocks 50 minutes, and it is over (FHWE). 2 days, not 5 days, not 4 days, AND not 3 days. LOL LOL and LOL!!!
  • matt14696 (US1)matt14696 (US1) US1 Posts: 54
    Summer (SKN1) , it does make most interesting reading
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 840
    @didah (SKN1) Guess you didn´t read the links I posted :wink:

    Cheers :smile:
  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) US1 Posts: 571

    "By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    second, by imitation, which is easiest;
    and third, by experience, which is the bitterest."  
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 840
    @Exxy (INT1) Interesting reading, but I did wonder about this:
    Concerning quote: " the non-sense of repeatitive and false accusations left and right," Could you, please,  elaborate what false accusations you are referring to? You need to back up your words (actually accusation :wink:) so we can address it properly.

    Cheers :smile:
  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) US1 Posts: 571
    lol that is funny even the  Mods don't like the way the were treated with misinformation nobody here ever blames the mods, but when GGS tells the mods that the FHWE WILL go for the full length, so the mods do their job and inform us and adjust calendar.  Then it starts and only 2 days.  I think this is bad, bad, bad GGS.  If you can not see why the mods and players get frustrated with this, well.. 


    By the way if I have a problem with any product I buy or use does not matter if online or face to face I will tell them, how else do they improve, if nobody tells them, they will continue bad service or product because they think they are doing great job when they aren't.  I have managed few businesses in my life and I would LOVE when customers told me when something was wrong and I WOULD get the problem corrected, no way would I have left a problem hang for a week upsetting my customers ever, Christmas or no Christmas.

    Even in person, I am always nice, until they show they are not listening, then I get a little more aggressive, until if they never listen I contact the head office direct, which we are unable to do here.  In fact, I get a lot better results from people I can explain problems to in person, then online.  They are more likely to listen as they are face to face and THEY are not hiding behind a screen , on in this case their fantastic mods.

    I always give credit when credit is due, both on here and in person.  Just the other day, I was going through a take away drive through and I asked the person who served me for the manager.  I told the manager that the girl who served me was a great employee, great smile, courteous spoke clearly and well and very friendly.

    If you think this game is not broken ATM and that a good company who cared about their customers would not have called people in to fix the problems that they had put there, then your idea of good customer service and mine are totally different.,

    I could not have said it any better. :)

    "By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    second, by imitation, which is easiest;
    and third, by experience, which is the bitterest."  
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,877
    There is a way, to express how u feel, in a constructive way

    What i see repeatedly lately, is the same message over and over, just saying that everything GG does , nothing works, everything is bugged, they do everything to get your money

    This events are too hard, the rewards are not good enough, The events are too frequent
    Simply do what you can, You dont need to get all the rewards, Be selective

    Well, one of my strenght in game, is to be efficient
    All different events yields different rewards, Always playing to minimize ressource usage, vs ressource rewards

    Doing a very accurate evaluation of what is needed to get there, Judging well, what is worth it, and what is'nt

    Feel free to come take a look at my farm on International server , I do use between 1 to 3k gold for a whole CC, and do around 6-8M RP without much efforts

    I'll also take a few minutes to go visit yours Byron ;o

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,877
    Well, you have a pretty good setup @Byron Longford (AU1)

    Also, keep in mind the FHW was in the middle of holidays

    Well, ur Xmas or no Xmas argument is not the best...

    Go try to get ur car fixed on a weekend

    Go try to eat at a restaurant after closing time

    Around here, the 25-26 and 31-1st the laundry service is closed, Good luck getting it done, if u need it 

    When something is'nt available, ITS NOT available

    Even if the reality is annoying sometimes, You have to live with it

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,877
    I should seek better?

    I'm 100% confident, that I would not find any better than how it is right now :)

    If you want to search for better, Go for it

    If you could also inform me, when u find

    I'll stay here :) 

  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 840
    edited 30.12.2018
    hehe no Exxy, it is not directed to you personally, but you as an impersonal pronoun. Addressing this line:

    quote: "Even if the reality is annoying sometimes, You have to live with it". (Could also have written "one has to live with it.") So maybe I should have written "One should seek to better it", but I kept to your way of wording.

    And the way I read your line, I did not make out it having any reference to the game, but more so to life itself.

    Adding that I wrote "seek to better it" I did not write "seek something better".

    Cheers :smile:

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,877
    edited 30.12.2018
    Well, if you dont mind

    You may interpret what I'm saying and how I'm wording my sentences the way you want

    There is no such as what i SHOULD have written :)

    I wrote what i wrote

    And on that, I wish you a fantastic day ;o

  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Posts: 921
    Noticed also they have figured a way to add more time to the last 2 CC's
    If they reduce the number of CC's, it will still be running the same number of days and then the can claim they listened to us.
    Instead of 3x 4 days we might get 2x 6 days. 

    [email protected]   /   Member of the Dutch coop "Zeeuwsche Unie" 

  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,723
    edited 30.12.2018
    @5-10 Man (AU1) totally agree and if I could give you my copious cow, that is sitting in inventory I would, you can also have my 10 co op cherry orchards, that can never be used.

  • 5-10 Man (AU1)5-10 Man (AU1) AU1 Posts: 249
    See, there is the thing. If GGS want to add new stuff, instead of that wasted space for decorations, turn that into a weekend "Buy, Swap and Sell" meet. But you will have to find someone else interested in the cherries... My 2 orchards give me all I need for my style of farming. I've got 4 dandy ducks if anyone wants - free to anyone under level 100, negotiable after that.  :) Sadly, I just demolished my level 6 wherry's.
  • 5-10 Man (AU1)5-10 Man (AU1) AU1 Posts: 249
    edited 31.12.2018
    Like the way you casually threw "lavatory" in there. Better make it a large public one. Get lots of visitors  :)
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  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,877
    Well, while reading the latest posts from you guys

    it kinda reminded me an important thing with the current Big Farm development

    it evolves and changes a lot, with all kind of new possibilities and tricks

    Being able to adapt to the new stuff, is pretty important

    I'm gonna take the example for the large cowshed , the building itself brings a new way to play ( for all events )

    A player who gets one, and dont even bother building it, is a pretty poor strategic choice
    Simply for the quickness of output it provides , and also the cheaper cost in seaweed feed, and also the higher amount of milk produced ( also amplified with the powerhouse, farm machine )

    I'll take my example of output..

    Colossal Cowshed Level 9 ( its the best one in the game, from expert mode CC top 5 )
    With powerhouse activated, seaweed feed ( 15 ) and a brush, it gives over 3k milk 

    Anyway, people can play how they want , but the unwillingness to change how you are playing, will definetely limit the potential of appreciation for what GG develops

    And that part, is not GG's responsability , its ur refusal to adapt to the game

    In all cases, i wish everyone a nice day :)

  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,723
    edited 31.12.2018
    @Exxy (INT1) to say highest amount of milk production you have not done the numbers on it, for milk production it is by far the worst cow shed.  The copious cow shed has only 1 advantage and it is for gold players, who have a mountain of seaweed feed.  GGS has admitted it produces less milk.  It does use less workers.  But for normal play it is worse than cow shed and a LOT worse than candy cow or tropical cow shed.  I have done a whole thread on the numbers for production and how bad it is. 


    Now this was done before library books were upgraded, which now makes the copious cow shed even worse.  If a player does not do CC then the copious cow shed is ONLY good for bin.  If you do CC then you only need 1 to use your seaweed feed on, normal or candy/tropical for the rest anymore than 1 is totally useless.

    DO YOUR RESEARCH.   I am a huge number cruncher. I have a library of note books with ALL my calculation over 5 years.  I am up to note book 56 ATM
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