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Wons (AU1)Wons (AU1) AU1 Posts: 223
edited 04.12.2018 in Suggestions
I just wanted to give a Big shout out to the Mods of this forum @RowdyRac @WascallyWabbit @CuddlyFoxes @PicklePaws @WiseWing

You all do such an Amazing job here in this forum & I wanted to let you guys know that. I know you all work so hard to make things better for us all & that should be recognized a little more. I, for one, appreciate all your hard work in trying to make things easier for us.

So, Thank you all very much. I hope You & your Families have a beautiful & Merry Christmas. xox
To Infinity & Beyond!!!


  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,597
    I definetely support that affirmation :)

    I want to say, Great work, Great Communication, Great Transparency

    I personally want to share, that i explore every tidbit of content and depth, that is being added and changed within the game

    So many subtles things, And well thought stuff out there
    Lots of variety concerning almost every sphere of the game !!

    I think i love the fact, that every small thing have a purpose, and the purpose is not as obvious, it makes it even nicer to figure it out! or when, the team works on making specific mechanism that are not very popuplar , more useful :))

  • Thank you very much guys. Much appriciated. I am still a fresh new owl for now, but I hope I will serve you good in future. 

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