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WascallyWabbitWascallyWabbit Moderator Posts: 6,096
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Hello you patient farmers, the time has come! 

We will finally begin the switch over to HTML5, hooray! What does it mean for you? Well…

Not all that much in fact. There are some small visual differences but the game plays in the same way as it did previously. All the events you know and love are there, your player account and farm will not change and you can simply carry on playing as you always did!

But why the switch you ask? The game previously used an older technology and we will now make an upgrade! This new version is  up-to-date and modern so that we can keep the game going for years to come!

If you’re still using Internet Explorer you should upgrade to a more modern browser, instructions on how to do that can be found in our tutorial video which explains how to upgrade the three most popular browsers and ensure the smoothest experience with the new version of the game.

For a time you will be able to swap back between the two versions with a button, which will replace the current sundial above the in-game clock.


Note: Example images, final appearance may change

The last thing to mention is when! The switch will take place on the 10th of September for Chrome users first. If the switching works as intended and everything looks good for Chrome users we will then add HTML5 for Firefox and Microsoft Edge users after that. - See post below

For Internet Explorer users we recommend upgrading your browser to one of Firefox, Chrome or Edge (for Windows 10 users only) before the day so that you’re all ready when the switch is flicked.

Happy farming!

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  • CM_HunterCM_Hunter Posts: 448
    HTML5 is now live! The long wait is over, open up Microsoft Edge or Firefox, type https://bigfarm.goodgamestudios.com/ into the top bar and check out the new version! Thanks everyone, happy HTMLing!

  • RowdyRacRowdyRac Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,250
    Dear Big Farmers,

    Chrome version 69 and above will be activated for HTML5 tomorrow (19.09.2018).
  • RowdyRacRowdyRac Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,250

    HTML5 is now live for Chrome 69 and above.

    Please make sure that you have updated your version of Chrome to the latest one (there was a Google hotfix to repair some issues in version 69).

    The bugged versions of Chrome which will cause issues playing the game are:
    *    69.0.3497.76
    *    69.0.3497.86
    so those are to be avoided :)

  • WascallyWabbitWascallyWabbit Moderator Posts: 6,096
    We will temporarily remove the custom cursor for Edge users with the update, this should help with the issue of the flashing cursor and make it a little more comfortable for Edge users.

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    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

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