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Update Sept 5th - The Repeat Harvester! - Discussion



  • Was there suppose to be something we get for the hot fix being done during the wwe?
    When I got back on it had an error message about comp.
    @Cnj_fnr_cPlayer (US1) Was it a Panda Balloon deco?  If so, it will be because you had some pink fertilizer removed. It was supposed to be removed last time, but didn`t work. That is the only item that has been removed this time.

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  • FarmerKar (US1)FarmerKar (US1) US1 Posts: 331
    Yeah I got a blank box after they came in and stole from my farm again too

    Just a blank white box...probably forgot to put a code in.

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    edited 05.09.2018
    There needs some price adjustments. 100 gold for 1 repeat of apple turnovers or box of soaps - it is just over a third of this to speed up.

    Wildflowers - you get 4 repeats for 10 gold which is the same as speeding them up. No point in using it for missions then. Again, needs some tweaking for low cost speed up items.
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,269
    Why do I get 4 with corn...then 3 with rutabaga, and 2 with cherries and 2 with Jasmine?

    Is the Village Fair really about to start?
    gavinfarms @ us 1
  • Got the panda balloon before so I guess that was it.  Thanks for letting me know.
    Cnj_fnr_cPlayer @ us 1
  • DebRN (US1)DebRN (US1) US1 Posts: 687
    I got picture of a box, but I had received panda before.  I guess that means they took some fertilizer from me.  Kind of funny, because our coop only ran about 5 of the challenges in the VF last time.  Can't imagine a small coop like ours did much with THAT.  We won't be participating again... prizes just not worth holding everything back and not actually FARMING!
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    edited 06.09.2018
    Way too expensive
    I would just skip it.  

    Wildflowers cost 2 gold per repeat, same as skip
    Speed apples cost 50 gold to repeat, more than 4 times as much as skip
    Box of soaps cost 100 gold to repeat, 5 times as much as skip
    Also, repeats can only be done once per building for most buildings.  

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    Orchards and restaurants are too expensive, They should be dropped to 10 gold like the rest. I might actually use orchard repeat then and it will solve the economic problems with box of soaps and apple turnovers.

    Wildflowers should be repeated about twice as many times for it to be worth it for them.

  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    Also, the number of repeats is also important to consider for an upcoming update.  

    Will it be 10 repeats(not including original) of soaps for 100 gold, or 1 repeat for 10?
    Will there be a choice?
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993

    Please fix the quantities of products not being displayed.  I need to know whether it is speed or regular, special seed or regular seed, and how much feed is being made.  
  • The major thing that the repeat harvester has done for me is that I now plant from right to left instead left to right to avoid the button sticking out so far
  • janflipflo (GB1)janflipflo (GB1) GB1 Posts: 322
    I have to say i am finding the repeat useful in the HWE. no more waiting to harvest and being late getting out of the house lol 
  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,170
    Since the Repeat Harvester as been added to the collecting wheel it as made it worse to collect, in missions during the cc it kept freezing up and i was unable to collect, i had to keep refreshing so that i could continue. I noticed this as been very buggy since they added it and as made collecting terrible.
    Moved On !
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