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BigFarm Events - August 2018

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*Please Note: There are still some spaces to be filled.
For example, we do not know for sure if that space between the 3rd & 7th will stay empty, but will try to get it confirmed as soon as we can.

Themed Event: Food Truck     01/08/2018  06/08/2018
Hard Worker Event     03/08/2018  06/08/2018
Themed Event: Fairytale   04/08/2018  11/08/2018
Shinkei-Suijaku   07/08/2018  10/08/2018
Co-operative Championship   07/08/2018 10/08/2018
Gold Fish Rescue     07/08/2018  16/08/2018
Obon Festival Event    10/08/2018  18/08/2018
Fishing Hard Worker Event     11/08/2018  14/08/2018
Themed Event: Asia 12/08/2018   19/08/2018
Themed Event: Wedding Planner    16/08/2018    21/08/2018
Village Fair Event   16/08/2018 - 22/08/2018
Themed Event: UFO 20/08/2018   27/08/2018
County Fair - Candy Hunt   22/08/2018    31/08/2018
Shinkei-Suijaku   23/08/2018   26/08/2018
Co-operative Championship    23/08/2018  26/08/2018
Co-operative Hard Worker Event 28/08/2018 31/08/2018
Themed Event: Hawaii 28/08/2018 04/09/2018
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