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ATTN: GOODGAME -- received this email & wasn't sure if you sent it

i received this email -- i thought it was weird because you posted in the forum about this new link -- so i didn't want to click on it in case this is a scam link -- thanks


  • sue1 (AU1)sue1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 190
    I think everyone got that seekinghighest.  The link just opened the calendar.

  • Hey @seekinghighest (US1) that's a message from the team so its safe. The link will take you to the WWC calendar. :)
  • okay -- thanks -- just wanted to make sure :smile:
  • i never gotten the email to the calander a coop member had send an email about it but i have to logon to google?to open it
  • Mine said from System, subject of WWC not abbreviated, but the rest was all blank. @WascallyWabbit, @CuddlyFoxes, @PicklePaws, @CM_Hunter . In case you need to inform the team.

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  • CM_HunterCM_Hunter Posts: 448
    edited 09.05.2018
    Hi @White _Doves (US1), the blank message you got was due to the receiving of WWC coins. Usually we would send the weekly rankings with the coins but on this occasion the rankings were incorrect due to the errors experienced in the first week of the event. We were unable to insert an alternative message unfortunately or we would have elected to do that and explain the situation. But you will receive the weekly rankings next week and we will then get back to our usual schedule.
  • Thanks @CM_Hunter for explanation. Didn't get the one for Calendar, a member in co op sent one out though. 

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