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Update May 8th - Update Notes in a Bottle ARRRRR!! - Discussion

Have fun discussing the Latest Update here :)



  • Rocky123 (IN1)Rocky123 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 627
    Love the new cowshed appearance  as reward for horse season :) and other avatars too 

    Hope CC rewards will be better now :) ( hopefully not like the last one :D
  • We shall see but as usual i dont have a lot of happy thoughts about improvements because i am tired of false hope!
  • Surya54 (INT1)Surya54 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 507
    Hope the next one would be 'better'
  • Trui (NL1)Trui (NL1) NL1 Posts: 6
    @ wascallywabbit,  there's nothing to smile about on the  Dutch server, only 1 coop are laughing their head off
  • The change from in house calender to google calender seems like a step backwards to me.

    We have been told the reason for the changes are:

    1.  "Often incorrect" This is how it has been described by a MOD in another post.

    2. Avoid time consuming maintenance in order to update the calendar in case of changes.

    Hard to understand why it would be "often incorrect". The variables are pretty limited and well known. The number of days in a month, known. The number of hours in a day, all so known. What is making it so hard to stick to a schedule?

    We are told "to avoid time consuming maintenance". You're a programming company, get your programmers to fix things so it's just as easy, if not easier to make changes to the in house calender than the google one.

  • Xcution (INT1)Xcution (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,183
    edited 08.05.2018
    I think it's best to see what auto system has generate this time because the same system generate 6 times in a row a **** rewards of the same line so its simply not to be took happy  :p players know when there is a good announcement it always kill the player and in every announcement ggs want more gold so 
    Go on and laugh and smile I don't think so  hehe
    Post edited by CuddlyFoxes (FormerMod) on
  • TMKC (IN1)TMKC (IN1) IN1 Posts: 939
    edited 08.05.2018
    Almost 80% players are curious what will be the rewards of tomorrow CC. They have hopes that something will be better.....

    Lets see........

    If rewards turn out to be bad..........

    Worse case.....if CC does not even start on time and rewards are still bad........ hahahahaha

    But i have a feeling things will be better.

    P.S : Send 2 for 1 with x600 tokens Hot deal......... i need tokens :smiley:

    Almost forgot.......i dont play horse much...just started 3 days ago.....so this new update, i have no idea how good or bad it is :expressionless:

    I'll just take @Rocky123 (IN1)  words on it being good as he knows his Big Farm well.
  • Rocky123 (IN1)Rocky123 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 627
    edited 08.05.2018
    PCA (GB1) said:
    Almost 80% players are curious what will be the rewards of tomorrow CC. They have hopes that something will be better.....

    Lets see........

    If rewards turn out to be bad..........

    Worse case.....if CC does not even start on time and rewards are still bad........ hahahahaha

    the rewards will be random, and will generally be worthless and only once in a while someone will see a valuable reward appear

    with this last move GGS will have closed what they started exactly the way they meant it,  and will have removed gold based items while pretending they are still there

    there has never been any mistake in this matter either, just deception as in the best tradition of GGS

    Then half of the people will just ignore that event n simply keep dong the regular one or two missions per day :)
    and some may also leave :(

    So lets wait and see :) hopefully better rewards atleast the bronze and silver MBs in place of those useless chicken feeds and dollar mining licenses
  • plovers barrow (IN1)plovers barrow (IN1) IN1 Posts: 82
    edited 26.07.2020
    Good to see the new avatars!

    At the same time it'll be pleasing to see tomorrow's cc rewards change for good.

    We believe we'll get our last chwe rewards tht went missing on friday :smile: And please do some revisions to hot deals too.
    Post edited by plovers barrow (IN1) on
  • Well, I gained no village medals.
  • sue1 (AU1)sue1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 193
    We keep hearing how time short the developers are then why bother with this update.  An extremely underwhelming calendar, some decos, a horse season thats already started and if the last dynamic prize list is any indication...well who knows.  Surely you have more important things to do.
  • taaj277 (IN1)taaj277 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 27
    Hmm....... let the 9999+ go  and the bugs and the cc rewards and the technical problems like the game hanging,logging issues etc its not a big deal but then wat abt the delayed rewards not yet received by us.How many tickets do u guys need and how many days to process the ticket.I know all mods are busy as bees but please take some time to clear the tickets as fast as possible.This is an era of artificial intelligence were things can b moved forward in no time and days are not required to clear the rewards.Ty for the reply wabbit but please take all the above said issues and do something abt them.
  • Rocky123 (IN1)Rocky123 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 627
    edited 08.05.2018
    Ok Wabbit  :o for your reply about the 9999 thing
    Dont have more than 1 lakh of any feeds .
    So i never faced any problems .
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