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Coop Championship



  • Mac56 (GB1)Mac56 (GB1) Posts: 235GB1
    Think they have put the architect on instead of the tent 
  • No tent here either. What gives?
  • eissol (NL1)eissol (NL1) Posts: 21NL1
    Also on the dutch server: no Tent !!
    Gosh...lost a lot of RP.....
  • This is the latest you have ever been late with the tent!!!!!!   We are used to a few minutes but this is getting bad.
    Gumbyfoofs @ us 1
  • how are you going to compensate for what i'm loosing in lined up missions 
  • Can't GGS do anything right these days?  No tent here and my co-op is loosing points.

  • garybaldy (GB1)garybaldy (GB1) Posts: 502GB1
    "missions underway, seaweed and spec seeds, poof ! no cc . No doubt someone loaded the wrong one again, these constant mistakes are getting tedious ..  :/  :/  :/
  • No tent here either. - I am losing trust to  this game

  • I'm waiting!!
    Where's the tent
    Be patient grasshopper ;) 
  • yes i got some very mad people here they started missions 

    they better count 
  • I'm waiting!!
    Where's the tent
    Be patient grasshopper  

    Yes ma'am!!    :)

  • i'm at boiling right now -- started my shelving booster too 
  • amber3 (INT1)amber3 (INT1) Posts: 273INT1
    Very exact in poping up gold offers, but not in grade to start in schedule a CC. this is our fault that are staying late up at night to make a stupid cc.Well done GGS treating us like fools
  • Now I just lost a lot of good points - - Tell me BF why should I even bother to hang onto this game
  • Cedar (US1)Cedar (US1) Posts: 67US1
    Coopcha 20 minutes late...and counting.
    Sooo... how is GGS going to pay back THIS time for the wasted special seed, sparkles, farm products, tractor time, etc., etc., etc, !!!  REALLY?!!!  How can starting a stupid event be THIS difficult? COME ON!!
    Wow... this "Merger" is  SUCH an improvement.  
  • bulubla (INT1)bulubla (INT1) Posts: 97INT1
  • nannsi (SKN1)nannsi (SKN1) Posts: 314SKN1
    No cc tent on SKN server :(
    nannsi @ SKN1 

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Vinter is here at lake Furesø
  • What do you mean a woodpecker made a hole in the tent and you sent it to the cobbler to fix it? 
    This is my response to your upcoming excuse GGS
  • Kennetha (US1)Kennetha (US1) Posts: 102US1
    Its Bad enough that the rewards stink, now you can not even start it on time.  Wow
  • HappyEd1 (US1)HappyEd1 (US1) Posts: 36US1
    No tent here in Central Pa. Maybe we R to take a vacation?  LOL

     We love to help others!!
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  • Terri8 (US1)Terri8 (US1) Posts: 133US1
    Where is the tent, I lost my tractor on time and my booster on  points and came in 1st. Will I get this back?
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) Posts: 6,123US1
    You always make me smile with that!

    Hate coops but missing out on the benefits?  Check out "Hearts of Gold," the non-coop coop -- we leave you alone to farm your way.  No donations or group participation required.

  • HappyEd1 (US1)HappyEd1 (US1) Posts: 36US1
    What kind of a day would it be with out some Bug Farm aggravation?  LOL

     We love to help others!!
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  • just checked the events calendar and it's not listed on there -- great .... 6 pages of lined up missions and boosters -- and, now ....
  • This is really not good enough. I don´t know the reason, but it is not the first time. and I am sick and tired of all the bad things going on in this game. I am very very close to a total goodbye 

  • mikedk (US1)mikedk (US1) Posts: 26US1
    if they at least was funny like the muppet show even useless we could have a laugh,
    but they are not.
    mikedk @ us 1
  • Ladyoz (US1)Ladyoz (US1) Posts: 127US1
    What co-op challenge? Pfffft. This is getting old.
  • 30 mins later -- great after almost all missions have ran out
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