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Update April 17th - A new Grove, a Flag and a lot of Kittie Cats!

Hello farmers! Summer is around the corner and already peeking through the window to catch our newest changes in the game. Flowers are blooming and so is our game and therefore we would like to present you our newest updates coming on the 17th of April.

I don´t olive it, a new grove!

In this update we are going to introduce a new type of olive grove for the Flower Farm. This grove will be more effective than the current grove, taking up less space and therefore being more productive. The first chance to buy this new grove will be via a Prime Day offer, so you can pick it up from here to get an early advantage! But fear not, later it will be available via the WWC Trader for WWC coins. Upgrading is possible with both WWC coins or gold to give you more options and allow everyone to get a chance to own this new grove.

Efficient Olive Grove

Size: 10 x 6
Enjoy nice warm days laying in the shadows of your olive trees.

One button to water them all

You´re a busy farmer and have a lot of things to do on your farm like feeding the pigs, stroking your dog or replanting your acres. It can take quite a while to visit each farm of your fellow coop members in order to water their coop trees. Click, Click, Click, Click, Click. Are you looking for a faster and more convenient way to water the trees? We got ya! In this update we will implement a button to water all cooperative trees with one simple click. The cost for each tree will be 5 gold. This new feature will be similar to the other speedups in game.

Talking of convenient...

We decided to recolor the new construction tokens, so they can be differentiated from other collectible items. It´s green now!

A new flag for the Golden Week and the Tanuki is going to finishing school

The golden week is going to start on the 26th of April and the Tanuki is back with a nice new flag. The flag will be available as a prize for contributing in the event. Jump on board and enjoy three smirking Darumas bringing you good luck from their position on the flag.

If the Darumas haven´t brought you luck and the reward they offer is another Tanuki prank you will be able to search for Tanuki again and play for another reward. If you happen to have bad luck a second time, the Tanuki will from now on stay on the same farm to play his prank and not move to another farm. No farm change required! Scared of bad luck for the third try? No worries. We limited the prank the Tanuki can play on your farm to two, in order to give you some time to recover from this little rascal´s pranks.

Did someone say Seaweed?

In this update we will introduce the new liquid seaweed fertilizer for your orchards, which will work the same way the other seaweed products do. You will be able to immediately skip the production and gain XP. You can purchase it from the merchant as any other seaweed product and also in the Bestseller Shop and you can use it for your citrus and olive orchards, including the new olive orchard presented above.

Each usage grants: 2500 XP

Working hard pays off (even more now!)

We will implement the bonus point system from the cooperative HWE into our regular HWE and our fishing HWE to spice it up a little. This will be an addition to the current play mechanics. This also comes with a slight rebalance to account for the extra points you can now achieve. Boosters have not been added to this edition but bonus points can be collected after hitting the previous max of 10 points per second on a crate.

A new horse season begins!

Slip into your cowboy boots, get your authentic spittoon ready and saddle your horses, because a new horse season is about to start. In this, already third, edition of the horse season we have some fresh rewards around the cat and the chance to win a new charming English chicken stable skin. Beside many different cat avatars, there will be a new decoration, a cat kiddie ride, and shiny cat trophies to win.

Size: 6 x 3
HP: 72
VHP: 18
Who doesn't feel like spending their lunch money on a fun ride on the back of this adorable kittie cat?

Or just grab some bread and feed the chickens in their English cottage inspired stable.

Our lovely cat avatars!

These were our patchnotes for the upcoming update. We hope you enjoy the new content and we wish you a lot of fun playing with the new elements!

Your BF-Team

You can discuss the new update HERE


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