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  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Could it really be that difficult to have tool option for gold purchases, just as you have for sound and music?

    GGS, tell me if this analogy for gold loss works:
    At grocery store, buy gallon of milk, leave store, drop milk and container breaks. 
    No recourse for another gallon of milk because the store has no control over your handling of the milk.
    I like your idea of putting it up with settings.  Should be easy enough.

    But your analogy is off a bit.
    Here's how THIS game works.

    At the check out in line, drop a 50.00 bill on the floor, a store employee promptly sweeps it up and keeps it saying you should be more careful.
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
  • This the post from the link above from Latten former community manager

    I'm pretty sure we had this topic going a few times now
    For now, we're not planning to add a 'simple' gold lock for multiple reasons:

    Since we give out gold for free as well as offering lots of deals on it in our shop, we want it to be usable without problems. We don't want to "stop" you from actually using your gold.
    If we 'block' users from spending gold, it will not be spent. If you want to spend a little gold and you will get a warning message saying something along the lines of "Hey, are you really, REALLY sure you want to do this?", people with rather click 'no' than 'yes', just because the warning would be somewhat intimidating on a psychological basis. And, of course, we'd like players to use gold, so this would be pretty counter-productive for everyone.

    Now I do see the point of a gold lock, of course, but it mostly boils down to bugs or performance issues that cause players to accidentally spend gold - and by that, I'm talking actual accidents, like misplaced clicks etc. That's surely something we are and will continue to work on. But we're trying to fix this issue where it starts - by fixing bugs, UI problems and performance issues that might cause this. If we just add a 'gold lock', we won't actually help the problem but just adding to another one.

    We want players to happily use their gold without any artificial need to do so - it should be useful, or fun, or simply "worth it" to do so. By adding a 'gold lock' or other mechanics similar to that, we will make it feel not like fun, but dangerous, a risk, something you'll have to confirm multiple times or can even turn off completely, and that's a complete 180° from what we want to achieve here.

    So, in less words, there won't be a gold lock for now. Feel free to discuss though, we'll be here.

    Kamilcon said very clearly why they need to rethink this reasoning  I play other games and pay for the rubies or RC or whaterver and they all ask me do I want to spend  I APPRECIATE THE CARE THAT THEY TAKE  no where in those games can I accidently lose something I paid for.This game has the sneaky ways that you can lose money that aren't an issue in others so what can you think than they are deliberately trying to dupe people out of funds they paid for.  That is not fun or enjoyable so this explanation by Latten reinforces the trickery rather than any value they place on paying customers.

    Intimidating on a psychological basis....hmmm, I would LOVE to see the research study confirming that!  As a Grad student in psychology, a cautionary warning about a possible mistake being made is NOT psychologically intimidating.I resent the way the players are being seen as psychologically unstable! That may not be said, but the the implication is there! 
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
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    The is an indication from Dennis on the first Big Farm TV video that there may be a gold prompt for spending anything over 100 gold which may be implemented around the middle of 2018, probably inspired by what's been done on the new mobile version of the game.


    Around the last 5 minutes or so, a possible gold prompt is mentioned.
  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    This should really be SO simple.  Rather than deal with each and every possible way to mess up, just implement ONE thing.

    A padlock, OFF by default.  Game is exactly as it is.  UNLESS a player chooses to log in, then click the lock.
    now NO gold can be spent.  Anywhere.  As soon as you click something costing gold, a pop up says "unlock your gold first, click here."   Lock is open, game runs just like it is now.  UNTIL the player locks it up again.

    Fixes ALL the oopsies.  
    (Well I suppose someone could forget to lock their lock. Yea that would probably be me.)

    My latest oppsie?   Just the way our farms view is set up, buildings overlap.  One farm I have a pig pen positioned (only way it fits) so it sort of overlaps one of the fields.  I have to be VERY careful when replanting fields not to click the fast harvest on the pig.

    And all of my farms have similar issues with the mill.  More than a few times that got pushed when it wasn't meant to.  Neither of these is worth contacting support over knowing full well they won't care.  But it IS enough to keep my credit card far from the computer and spend nothing here.
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
  • Piwi (US1)Piwi (US1) US1 Posts: 28
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    Alot of us are in this same boat. happened to both my husband and myself again recently... even adding an " are you really sure button" to the skip/upgrade features or any time gold is used  would certainly help the accidental spending . I have played other games where the gold will only disappear  AFTER  a confirmation  prompt that you meant it :)
  • When clicking on the unused fields, the pop-up appears asking you to spend 2000+ gold on land.
    There should be an option ingame  where you can add a value to it so when miss-clicking you will be able to confirm that you want to purchase ingame items for gold. 
    I missclicked and yes i bought land for 2000+ gold instead of ingame dollars 500000. 

    so for example : ingame options limit set to 50 gold max without confirmation. (slider should be possible from 1-9999 gold or whatever :D )
    all items / speed-up you purchase below 50 gold you can click 1 time, above 50 gold you will get the pop-up for confirmation.
    i think this will help people with low amounts of gold, and avoid ingame-loss tickets towards customer service)

    BTW im also waiting for help on the goldfish rescue issue where i didnt receive items for the event, opened 4 tickets , started from last week friday . no answer.
    So also a good suggestion, just help you customers, i feel like you dont care about anything and only want money.
    make the game fun to play and dont destroy it. help your customers thats maybe a good suggestion  B)B)B):*:*
  • This subject has been brought up in the past. They have no intention of changing it as it *might* discourage players from making a purchase with gold. We all know that is a crock, but the devs do not care to change it.
  • if people want to use gold they will use it, would be nice to have a safety. 
    same as the goldfish rescue event i finished 2nd didnt receive promised items, 5 tickets running at customer service no reply at all waiting for 5 days, some people just like to scam others :neutral:

  • PondPrincess (US1)PondPrincess (US1) US1 Posts: 96
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    if people want to use gold they will use it, would be nice to have a safety. 
    same as the goldfish rescue event i finished 2nd didnt receive promised items, 5 tickets running at customer service no reply at all waiting for 5 days, some people just like to scam others :neutral:

    I don't disagree with you. This subject has been brought up before. We have been told there is no intention of changing it. Perhaps with the merger this may  be implemented. One can dream, right?
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  • thanks for your reply Artmaker, i understand you 100% .
    Customer service still didnt reply to my issue with the Goldfish rescue scam.
    i have no words for these online bullies called customer service. i really want to use bad words, but they are just not worth the hassle. 

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    This is on the mobile version. The first Big Farm TV video indicated they might do this sometime in the middle of next year.

    GGS have just been bought out by new owners. Perhaps these new owners may have a more moral view on the matter and demand it be put in.
  • So why do you all continue to play this crookedly run game???
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    It's addictive, and once you get use to avoiding the traps, there's no real problem. Besides, I haven't spent money on gold for over a year but find enough mining licences to keep my gold topped up. Therefore it is free anyway.

  • GREAT NEWS! The MOBILE game has a fantastic solution: In the settings tab you have an option to set a gold spending amount that must be confirmed before the gold purchase is made.  Mine is set at 1.  If a keystroke to purchase gold is made, a pop up screen appears to confirm or cancel the purchase.  This feature has saved me from at least five gold spending mistakes!

    Can't believe the basics of this suggestion was initially made in 2013. Here's hoping Big Farm will adopt it soon.
    Grandma Molly @ us 1
  • We should all know by now that it will not happen, what was the last excuse that i read ! oh it will slow the game down for players wanting to use gold. Well all the so called "bugs" and hot fix down times certainly slow the game down, the sales pop ups that appear just as your harvesting certainly slow the game down, although they are designed more for the "accidental clicking" .. o:)o:)o:):#o:)
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  • I just lost about 2500 gold while trying to make the objects available for a quest...I really hope I complete the quest, so that I feel like it got me something
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    I recently spent purchased gold accidentally and so searched the forum for any possible solution over such mistakes and found this post. 

    The fact that this issue has been brought up since 2013 and still unresolved from players' point of view is shocking. 

    However, between 'giving up the hope' and 'keep trying to get the resolution' I am choosing the latter option. So here are my alternative suggestions.

    * When players clicks anything that would take gold from their account, don't show any psychologically intimidating confirmation prompt involving the options 'yes' and 'no' but show a positively worded tooltip popup something like "Thank you for supporting the game. Click again to complete the transaction using gold" so clicking the same button again will consume the gold. Or a dialog like "Thank you for supporting the game. Press OK to complete the transaction using gold" so clicking this ok button will consume the gold.

    * Alternatively, upon mouseover on any button that spends gold, show a tooltip "Press shift + click (or control+click, or alt+click, or just a doubleclick instead of a single click) to complete the task using gold". So at least accidental gold spending with a single click (which would probably be the most common accident) will be prevented without stopping anyone from spending gold in any way.

    * Upon clicking a button to use gold, let there be a message something like "Press enter to proceed, any other key to cancel". 

    * Instead of one button let there be twin buttons (a pair of buttons closely adjacent to each other) which only if clicked in immediate succession will consume gold. 

    * Introduce an upgradable structure called 'bank' to be built where you can actually store a certain maximum amount of gold that cannot be directly spent. By default all the earned gold should go there as long as within its capacity. Players should then be able to withdraw any amount of gold from it. Let only this withdrawn or liquid gold asset be able to be spent with any clicks whether accidental or intentional.

    Requesting the staff and the players to provide feedback over the above suggestions.

    It is possible that accidental gold spending might lead to another gold purchase by game-addicted players to replenish their gold stock, which could accidentally be a prime source of revenue for Big Farm. However it would be appreciated if the staff comes with the will to reduce players' frustration and let players willingly spend every bit their gold. They will then earn players' esteem. Players will then purchase more gold than they otherwise would.

    Thank you.
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  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    Now confirmed gold lock WILL be happening. HORAY!  :)
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    In themed events, the donate button is right next to the skip with gold button.  If the mouse is just a few millimeters off, 2000 gold will be lost.  

    Renaming should be free and should not cost gold.  Changing mind on the name is not worth the gold.  Players will probably never spend gold on a new name because names only have aesthetic value, no function or increase in productivity.  Also, appearances, horizons, and flags should cost dollars instead of gold.  
    Players should not be put in a dilemma on whether to build the level 6 or higher doghouse early with an ok name or to spend months finding the perfect name for the dog because it cannot be changed without gold after level 6.  

    To rename a horse without gold, breed 2 horses to make a goldy horse and then name it for free.  
    To rename a boat, demolish it then rebuild it for dollars then name it for free.  
    To rename a doghouse level 5 or lower, demolish the doghouse then rebuild it for dollars and name it for free.  

  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    Gold lock window should have a button that is positioned so that it does not overlap the buy button if possible and the button should be small enough so the possibility of double click at the exact location is almost none.  
    Gold lock should be an option in settings so during a mission for a player with lots of gold, it is still possible to speed up fields quickly; The confirmation can then be turned back on after the mission.  

    Button in the confirmation window should be about the size of this blue button.  
  • I just spent  gold accidentally finishing my cat tree, the pop up arrived as i was clicking my chickens, the delays not long enough.over 10,000 gold gone. 

    Made by  farmerjohn 22 (US1)  Thank you
  • Not to mention, what good is the cat tree other than taking up space with the rediculious amount of charms to collect before any benefit!

    There's sweet sweet peace
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  • Stop repeating those begging, nagging messeges
    with goldbuttons where we accidently click on
    while we're working our farms !
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    why has this post been flagged ?
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
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    why has this post been flagged ?
    There is already 2 threads that are exactly the same as this.  

  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,491
    why has this post been flagged ?
    There is already 2 threads that are exactly the same as this.  

    Looking at the time stamps, it appears that the person didn't think his post went through the first or second time. It's happened to me several times. Not a reason to flag this. The mods will find it soon enough and correct it.

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  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,472
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    The whole part I think GGS does not get with this is those of us with little money but would want to buy gold if there was a way to keep from losing it accidentally.  So, gold lock with a choice limit of how many coins I want to spend at one time when lock is on would prompt me to buy gold.

    So, I have bought gold twice in this game, on the same day, and within the same hour for the coop CC I was in way back in August last year.  I bought because I wanted to finish out the CC challenge we had that was the third or fourth one, back to back.   I haven't bought gold since because what little money I had with the leftover gold was lost because of this game and accidental clicking.

    So, here is my take on the this entire subject.

    I don't have deep pockets, and I appreciate those who want to play and spend their money on gold.

    I would buy gold once a month at the rate of about $10 because that truly is about all I can afford to do.

    GGS would then be getting $120 per year from this lowly player.

    Because there is no lock, I will not buy gold.  Therefore, GGS, you lose out on my little gold purchase I would make if you would just give us what we want, A GOLD LOCK!

    How many lowly players do you think you will get if you just give us the gold lock?  I think you would be making millions of dollars because those $120 per year players would be buying your gold.

    Get with it GGS, give us a gold lock and make this game playable, stop causing so much lag in this game, fix the issues.


    Edited because my calculations were way off, lol.  I put one too many zero's in my total.  GGS you would still make millions more if you would just give us a gold lock with an ability to limit how much is spent on one click.  This leaves the gold available to those who want to have an easy click (with limits) and those who want it locked down until they want to make a purchase.  You really are losing out.  After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, and right now I am the one who benefits from it.  It could be you who gets the benefit if you would just give us a gold lock.
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