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New CC Activity Rewards



  • First and foremost please give us something to compensate those rewards like giving all of those rewards for those who have participated in the cc, next thing is that give a sufficient gap between each rewards so they not hard nor easy to obtain since there over 110 rewards.

    the second thing is why didn't i get the apple appearance no seriously i didn't get it 

    then at last the new cc rewards im so done for wait naughty or nice event to have ghost rods and in cc #bring gold mining license for 120th reward , and if those two aren't added just add like uhhh special cc port or profile pic. 

    thank you 
  • Janney (INT1)Janney (INT1) INT1 Posts: 25
    edited 28.03.2018
  • mala01 (INT1)mala01 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 3
    edited 28.03.2018
    They are not stupid (GGS) They did this for a number of reasons(on purpose) and first is to ppl  spend earned licenses and gold and have to buy gold for money,and they knew that people would lose motivation, but they had to do it-People have too much reserve in everything-it's a two-pointed sword, but it had to be worked out for them to earn more money,than now...

    That is, and as a real economy, it can not always go to the plus, it simply is not possible, the falls must exist, in order to rise again, and this is also deliberately done

    Ps:And they will return those old prizes(next time or in few times ) when we get a little bit of a bit - and we'll be happy again, ehhh
  • Just a thought here - as no matter what the prizes someone will always be unhappy - with one exception - GOLD. (maybe 2 exceptions - dollars might also work, especially for those of us not a very high levels).  

    Start with lower amounts, say 50 gold, then 100 gold, then 125 etc or whatever amounts the powers that be decide, at least the players could then spend it on what they want/need to progress - whether thats regular feed, extra buildings, upgrades, fishing etc.  

    It may lack imagination, but I bet the players would appreciate that more than another decoration to fit in!  And that way 'hard work really does pay off'!

  • Oh yes, and I forgot to add that it could even be good business sense for GGS - if that upgrade gets close, but just out of reach players will spend 'real' money to buy the extra if they see it as achievable rather than impossible!  

  • 12EB23 (INT1)12EB23 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 415
    GGS...this is the second CC where the rewards are TRASH... some seeds and feed for the effert needed didnt worth. and with the coop HWE is the third event in a row.
    This is your target GGS:
    To demotivate players?
  • Janney (INT1)Janney (INT1) INT1 Posts: 25
    edited 05.04.2018
    few coops in  our gold league,well we will ignore this cc,we don't care any more,for what we have  to play...
    and i see other coops play with 50% or less 

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