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Coop Championship can bring out the worst in some.

I guess the pressure of this event can get to some players.

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aussie_mark @ au 1
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  • jay53 (AU1)jay53 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 151
    I emphasise @aussie_mark (AU1)  - I was pranked by someone I do not know yesterday  <shakes head>

  • Gotta love the losers they are just jelly   o:)o:)
    silk_ribbons @ us 1
  • qewt (US1)qewt (US1) US1 Posts: 161
    edited 19.03.2018
  • jay53 (AU1)jay53 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 151
    @gizmo22 (AU1) said: Was it the leprechaun?
    No, definitely not the Leprechaun  :/
  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,475
    Poor losers.  That is so childish, lol.  I don;t usually get those kind of messages, it's usually the "Well Played" because I kicked them to the curb and they invite me to join their co-op, lol.  I've had people tell me they gave me sparkles because they liked my farm layout, lol.  Some really nice people play Big Farm.

  • Woah 
    Thats not a nice person, I love big farm, mind you it does posses me at times and I have tried twice now to just not play, it didn't work as you can see.
    Just ignore them I would say they are a bit jelly to, most people are very nice of course you will always get the odd few who will spoil it for others,  aussie_mark just ignore them, its up to you how you play your game and what you do with your money, its got nothing to do with anybody if you buy 5 bucks worth of Gold or 500 bucks worth of gold
    Take care aussie_mark and just ignore them :)
     Dee who is not crazy

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