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CMs Challenge #2 - ❀ Plant a Flower Day ❀

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Happy "Plant a Flower Day" to you all!

Only few things on earth are as beautiful and fascinating as flowers. There are over 250 000 different types of flowers in the world which are used for many different purposes. Whether medicine, perfume or a nice bouquet, flowers make our lives better in different senses.

As a tribute to our love for flowers in real life and in Big Farm, we would like to organize a challenge with a flowery topic & great in-game prizes to win.

Since our Asian themed event, with the new speed challenge mode, just started, we thought that the interesting art of Origami and flowers are just a perfect match. Therefore we would ask you to get your craft materials out and get creative.

What is the challenge about?

  • We would like you to craft an Origami flower(s), as colourful, unique and beautiful as possible 
  • Place a label showing your username & server, next to your flowers, then take a picture & post it on this thread - Pictures without this label, will not be considered as valid entries.
  • Only 1 entry per person
  • Your picture can contain 1 or more flowers

For reference we have some Origami flower instructions for you:

Stem: http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-lily-with-stem.html

Flower: http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-lily.html

If you feel like doing a different kind of Origami flower, fell free to have a look at the other instructions on their website.


When does the challenge end?

The last entries will be accepted on the 18th of March at 23:59 CET

We will announce the winners on the 19th of March.

What's in the boxes?!

The three best, most beautiful, creative, unique, appealing flowers will be picked & will each receive the special community decoration “Family Picnic Table” to enjoy some nice hours with family and friends among flowers. 

Size 3x3 -  Happiness 54

We are looking forward seeing the pictures of your beautiful DIY flowers!

Your CM-Team



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