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farm log in not saving passwords

All three farms, I have to enter my password over and over.  The check box IS checked to save password.  I don't clear cookies for this very reason,  always saved it before.  I think this started after the last maintenance. 
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  • That changed with the update of cookies; announcement stated that browser will only keep the last one logged in so multi-server users would be aware. It also is recommended you not have the remember me checked anyway for your better security. And yes I know what a bother this can be.

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  • total PITA!!!!!! My two farms (US1 & INT1) I put on different browsers so I wouldn't have to put user & pw in every time. Now I have to anyway. This stinks!!
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    I explanied the very same thig to a fellow deupty as well....So much for a cookie change 
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  • log in problem.. using Google Chrome browser; laptop Windows 10  2000  With the login screne I am on US Server1  username GrandmaJoJo  ok but password is not.  I have clicked on resent password and still did not get an email to reset it.  Tried several times since approx. 6 :15 pm  last nite  Today is the 9th of March 2018 my time Atlantic Canadian.  Game is Big Farm  my Co-op is God's Servents.  Skye if you are reading this do not kick me out for being inactive.  This is the only place I can get into without loging in.   email is   [email protected]  Starting to suffer from Computer GB's!   Maybe the Lepprechuns have something to do with this.  Hope someone gets this that can help me.  Thank you.
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    This should NOT be a cookie issue.  Saving passwords is the number one reason any time some tech support person says delete cookies I say NO.   THAT is how passwords are saved.  Be it server side or browser side, so what the blazes happened?  SAVE PASSWORD is checked.  I use the SAME password for all three farms so no need to change it.  It's not saving anything.  I never had to enter my password before, because cookies had it saved.  So what is the point of even having a save password check box if you all fixed it so it does nothing?  

    I'm not worried about security.  I only play this from home and our router is set to only serve the specific devices programed into it.  Even if someone had my router password they couldn't get in.  
    Besides this is a dumb game.  Not like anyone can steal my identity or break into my house. 

    GG please FIX THIS!  Or just remove the save password check box since it does nothing now.

    All this being said, I did catch a small advantage in all this.  I can open three windows now, go to my saved game on each one and each one opens the log in page.  So even though I have to enter the same password over and over, at least I don't have to log out, open a new window, reload the same farm, wait for the same load of junk to come up (newspaper etc…)  log out… repeat.
    It would be nice to not have to type the same password over and over but this might over all save time anyway.

    Wish the whole log in process was better from the start though.  Why can't we save the LOG IN page.  Keychain can save that, if not cookies.  Not just automatically go to what ever farm was last open.
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  • I have to enter username and pas*sword every time I log into the game now.  sigh*
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    @Artmaker (GB1) @cookiebeep (US1) @Tinzen (SKN1) @Skinnyhams (US1)  White -Doves is correct that it is because of the new cookie policy, but it only affects logins if you have logged out. - If you close your game using the X on the tab & not the logout button, then it should remember your login. :)

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  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Well despite having to enter my password every time now, this has actually proven to save time.
    Three farms, on three servers, it's always been a real pain when the CC is on to log into all three at once.  
    Log in… wait for the piles of up in your face crapola, log out, open new window… repeat, then repeat again.
    Now?  I get the log in page right away.   Open three. log into each.   MUCH faster.

    But this is only for those of us crazy enough to have more than one farm.  I swear if I would have known how much stuff they would run at the same time… over and over and over here. I never would have started more than one.
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