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Item "Ticket" drop

GladiolusGladiolus Posts: 33
I was in trouble with item called "Ticket" and did try all crops harvesting (include flowers).


drops most often, when you harvest corn :)
You also get time to time Tractor and Register while harvest corn :)
Enjoy the game ^^
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  • vigiuxvigiux Posts: 5
    edited 19.12.2012
    Register comes with making stuff in Silo and also while growing wild flowers :)
    Tractor usually comes from apple fields :)

    Enjoy ;)
    vigiux @ en 1
  • ambrielle (US1)ambrielle (US1) Posts: 62
    edited 21.12.2012
    What are these items used for,I am new to the game.
    ambrielle @ us 1
  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) Posts: 3,795GB1
    edited 21.12.2012
    Ambrielle, collection items are used by cooperatives to participate in challenges.

    Kat. Kittie_by_otomosc.gif


    Many thanks to farmerjohn
  • zuperstrike2zuperstrike2 Posts: 267
    edited 21.12.2012
    i dont have any probs about collecting ticket , but i only having time collecting the lunch box , i only got 1 of them
    iisip pako ng bagong ilalagay dto ;)
  • GladiolusGladiolus Posts: 33
    edited 21.12.2012
    i did focus on cowsheds for some time, so i was in trouble XD
    Gladiolus @ en 1
  • HappyEd1 (US1)HappyEd1 (US1) Posts: 36US1
    I agree with the tickets

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