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Mushrooms and Vinegar

qewt (US1)qewt (US1) US1 Posts: 161
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Some people think that mushrooms are mold, but this is not true. Mold grows from rot and death, but mushrooms grow from living mycelium.

I would like to infect my corn fields with huitlacoche. I would like to turn oak into shiitake mushroom logs (pic attached). In the greenhouse I would like to use a sawdust byproduct to grow enoki. On the volcano farm I would like to see Indian Bread grown upon southern beech trees!

Ever since I started playing this game I had looked forward to the incorporation of mushrooms, when I learned of the Mushroom Stew event I got excited and couldn't wait. Then the 'find the candies' event started and someone said the mushroom event was just like it, and I was severely disappointed because I hate the 'find it' events, and that is hardly a nice way to incorporate mushrooms into this Big Farm game!

I would also like to see things like yeast and koji, (I swear I saw a soybean crop when I first started playing this game, does anyone have a screencap of it, back around or before October? or am I crazy?) If they had soybeans, rice, and koji, we could make miso and soy sauce!

You could have a dedicated mushroom greenhouse that can process leaves/humus, dung/fertilizer, different woods, other products, etc. into various edible mushrooms, as well as being the place to store fermenting goods such as the miso or this next suggestion:

I would have preferred to give it its own thread, but while I am here, how would everyone feel about vinegar? I will point out that grape vines and wine has been suggested before, and shot-down as "not-child-friendly" and therefore not to be incorporated. I will then point out that vinegar is made from alcohol. Finally, I would point out that just because that is true, does no mean that alcohol has to be apart of the game in order to get vinegar. It can go straight from being apples or grapes to being vinegar, without the alcohol step in between. How would you feel about that?
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  • Borgia (SK1)Borgia (SK1) SK1 Posts: 455
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    on mushrooms: no. i hate mushrooms and regardless of whether they are mold or not, they are fungus(even fungi in Italian... probably misspelled) and that grow between toes and i want nothing to have to do with it(it's late and my syntax ang grammar are all over the place, sorry).
    i just despise them so deeply that i wouldn't even touch them, let alone eat them. that's just big NOPE.
    on the other hand i like to collect them, just as i enjoy any other "finding game". (why do you dislike it? is it too difficult?-because there are tricks for that, like zooming the window with game and objects to be found have different texture, than everything other, so they are quite easy to spot...althougn it takes ages........ or you dislike it because of the whole concept?)

    on soybeans:i'm playing ever since the very beginning(well, 4 months anfter the start) and i don't recall seeing them.

    on vinegar: that's a good idea. in bakery we already create not quite related things, so we could have there something that uses vinegar... or in the shop on flower farm.
    also in that shop an alcohol could be used- they use it in perfumes afterall. and there is a captain's cologne, that one contains hella lot of alcohol-st least 85%, maybe even 95%.

    i don't really believe/think, that they would widen the range of japanese . there is sushi in restaurant and  some other dishes mysterious to me- my guess is, that they won't enrich it for new recipes(i could be wrong though)

    i just found very interresting page about mold and fungus. i thought that they mean the same, but obviously not :smiley:
    And this one says, that all mushrooms are fungi https://www.bioidea.net/resources/what-are-molds-fungi-mushrooms-and-yeasts/
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  • qewt (US1)qewt (US1) US1 Posts: 161
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    Thank you for your response Borgia, I wanted to LOL your comment for your dislike of mushrooms but I liked it instead, I understand some people will never be interested in mushrooms lol. (To be fair though, mushrooms will not grow between your toes! mold might, though!)

    As to the "finding game", the prizes are bad and it is not worth it to zoom in on the browser to 200% and search for these little sprites. I do not find it fun or rewarding in any way. That is a problem with mushrooms, candies, and balloons. However, for mushrooms in particular, you are right that I actually dislike the whole concept. That you can search for wild mushrooms, foraging, is a real thing and I'm glad that it is in the game, but that is such a minor role for mushrooms to play in a farm game. Whether you like mushrooms or not, they have a HUGE impact on farm life and they should be given a greater spotlight (more attention) than a single find-it event.

    edit: Thanks for the info on soybeans, I swear I saw it as the first item available before rice in the "Field Crops" section of "Farm Maintenance", I remember not seeing them when I went to go plant crops in the field and I thought that was because I didn't have seeds for it. You are probably right though, I am probably crazy and imagined it. Still, I think it would be a cool addition along with Koji.

    I am glad that this spurred you to learn more about mushrooms, molds, yeast, and fungi! Thank you for the links!

    edit: I just thought of this: It is rather like the missing bees event, that is fine to go find missing bees, but bees have a much bigger impact on farm life than the event would lead on, but then you can go to the flower farm and bees are given a much greater role to play there! that is how I feel it should be with mushrooms, that is fine to go foraging for mushrooms, but they play a bigger role than the event would suggest, so you should be able to go to a greenhouse, or similar, and there they can be given a much greater role to play!
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