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A VOTE Has now been closed on whether the COOP CHA should only be run once a month. why closed now!!

I and many other players find that playing the COOP CHALLENGE far to much now.Not fun any more.No time to restock our farms,Very Very BORING. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER GGS BEFORE YOU LOOSE ALL YOUR PLAYERS.
wendy yule @ en 1


  • When i first started playing long time ago, there were no events.
    they started the camping and asian events and it was exciting.
    Getting a deco with 50+ deco was worth working hard for...
    they were once a month i think at the start, then twice a month with a week off.

    New decos, and if you finished the event a really good deco. it was fun, something to look forward to and plan for.

    now, yeh, on again, another deco for greta...nothing exciting now, they are non stop events.

    it is an effort to log onto game sometimes now...too many events competing with each other on top of each other, Competition after comp, non stop...no breathing space...its just toooooooooo much.

    lois larner @ au 1
  • anifromid (US1)anifromid (US1) US1 Posts: 103
    Actually, I think I have come up with the perfect answer

    GGS may only run coop based events when the architect is available...

    since he's almost never around they will either have to increase the frequency of his visits, or decrease the constant coop based gold grabs, oops, my bad, I mean events. 

    either way, it's a LOT better than what we have now   B)
    anifromid @ us 1
  • Cedar (US1)Cedar (US1) US1 Posts: 67
    Very interesting!
    An "official" Poll /Survey was started by a Mediator as the original one (which was WIDELY supported by the membership) wasn't set up "properly."
    The "official Poll was only up for a short time and was set up as a click to Vote.
    Options were to run Coopcha's 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x's per month.
    1x per month was leading @ 92% with 800 votes registered...again, only up for an absurdly short period of time before it was shut down.
    Guess we have our answer on how the "New" management will be dealing with MEMBERSHIP input.
  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Well when I came to vote I think it was over 90% in favor of once a month.  So maybe they didn't need to leave it go any longer.  

    As for their non stop "events"  well… it's not an "event" if one starts the day one ends.  It's just non stop reruns.  And for some reason they fixed it so unless someone has been upgrading non stop, every time I level up they get harder.  I wasted so much in the way of resources TRYING to finish temporary farms, (never come close) and then the whole coop village.  Both are a HUGE waste.   Nothing got upgraded for a long time.  And now the top levels?  Heck even mid level prizes which I already won long ago are out of reach.

    Frankly when "events" start now, I pick the lowest level prizes and just trash them when the time comes. 

    And lately I haven't even been on very long.  Too much greed involved here.  Too many time crunch events and competition things, it just feels pushy.  GG lost sight of what this game was when it started.   Relaxed.  Play when you can.  Upgrade, win deco, see better buildings as you upgrade them….   HA now the highest level upgrades don't even come with a new skin for the buildings.   

    The new events for flower and gourmet farms???? HA… I don't stand a chance of EVER finishing those.  
    Got both those farms well equipped to keep the bakery going and flower shop going.  It's all I need.  But not enough to fill those events.  Tried them once…. no more.  Phoey… bah.  

    Oh well.  I still like my basic farming.  Ignoring the entire village thing.  Nothing about it helps your farm.
    Temp farms, only rarely and only to pick up special seeds.  (And COUNT on the architect showing up right when your in a big hurry to work the temp farm.  Never fails.  It's one big reason I started just ignoring it.)  
    I do like the coop championships…. only fewer of them would be nice.  Something to look forward to, not say "again? Already?"     Hope GG gets that.  

    See what I do when not playing silly games.

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